Do leave me some feedback

Do you know that WordPress has come up with cool form feature that you can incorporate into blog post or as blog page? It’s a cool new way to get instant feedback or data collection for simple research.

After reading about WordPress Forms, I have created a Feedback form on this blog. It’s just a simple form for giving me any comment or asking me any question. Your feedback for me is highly appreciated.


I also hope it will be an easier way to let you communicate with me, other than the normal comment on blog post or emails to me. Although I don’t normally get a lot of comments, I occasionally receive emails asking me about the synthesis matrix for literature review. With this Feedback option, I welcome you to tell me more about anything you want. A blog should become a platform to provide more interactive ways for knowledge transfer and communication.

If you are using WordPress, I’m sure you can think of various ways to utilize this form feature to gain more feedback either for your blog or for simple research. I can think of a few forms to collect data from readers. Maybe I should try it out later if you would be so kind to help me out.


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