Make better PowerPoint Presentations

I was asked to do some staff trainings for new system roll-out recently. I was simply glad to do these trainings although I was as new as everyone in the company in using the new system. I was thinking these trainings would be my last few before I leave this company end of this month.

The original trainer for this system already has the PowerPoint presentation and he simply just passed it over to me to do the training. When I looked at the slides for the first time and thought about my audience (the staff), I knew this was going to be a disaster. The slides are full of lengthy words and unimpressive pictures. The academic in me was screaming inside. So I decided to revamp the slides. It’s nearly a full revamp at that too.

Lucky for me, I stumbled upon this useful video while I was revamping the presentation.

I followed these few tips that I learned from the video in doing my slides presentation:

  1. No more than 6 words on the slideSeth Godin
  2. Use of images instead of wordsGarr Reynolds
  3. 10-20-30 RuleGuy Kawasaki
  • No more than 10 slides
  • Speak no more than 20 minutes
  • Use 30 pts font size

I believe all these are famous presentation gurus and their tips are very effective and widely applied. I have tried using less words in a slide but sometimes it’s hard for some presentation, especially for my staff training this time. I did use a lot of images in my slides, so I just explained with that images while I was presenting, which worked fine. The only thing I followed from Guy Kawasaki’s 10-20-30 rule was the use of 30 pts font size and it proved to be very effective. The staff commented that the big font size really captured their attention and they found my presentation so much easier to understand. Some who commented had the chance to attend the same presentation by the original trainer using the original slides, so they could really tell the difference. I’m simply happy to know the effectiveness of my slides following the above tips.

On another note, most of my colleagues who know where I will be heading next, were telling me that I do look like an academic after attending my presentation and they do believe that my new career in the academia will suit me. I’m really glad I have portrayed the right image of what I want to become. Anyway, I sincerely thank them for the support and I do hope I will continue to grow myself to become a better one.


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