As always, I like to try out different web applications, especially applications that enable writing or note-taking and can be accessible across multiple platforms. I was reading an article from LifeHacker and found this Simplenote.

For some people who love simplistic interface, Simplenote is the right application for writing. Its interface is clean and sleek without too much function to distract you while you write. The best function of all (to me, at least) is whatever you write on Simplenote, with just one click of button, it can turn your note to a simple blog post by publishing it into HTML format with a dedicated URL. Now you can share note from Simplenote by sharing that URL with ease.

These functions can be found on Simplenote Web application.

If you like to use tag function, Simplenote has easy way to let you tag your note and view by tag.

Other than the web application, there are many downloads available for various platforms to use Simplenote on your desktop and mobile devices. I’m currently using the Windows desktop version called ResophNotes, which provides simple interface, similar functions, and ease of synchronization.

I have been using Evernote for a few years now. Although Evernote provides many cool features, I find myself not actually using most of them. This got me thinking that simplicity has its benefits and we may not always need too comprehensive functions, though it’s always good to have them, of course. Anyway, it’s never too much to try out new application or keep using multiple ones. All applications today have the sync-to-the-cloud feature and available across different platforms, making everything you write accessible everywhere anytime.

Do try out Simplenote if you like simplistic writing application. Hope this post is useful for you in some ways. I appreciate if you share what other cool applications that you use for note-taking or writing. Thank you!


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  1. Hi Jenn.

    From some days ago I have been searching on internet about what apps are better to perform the old style of index card notes that some elder researchers around the world still use. It is not a Mendeley or Zotero business, I think, although these apps include the function of adding notes and annotations but it’s not useful for me yet.

    I just read a book of one of my PhD teachers (Maritza Montero), that talks about the use of two types of system for archiving those old card notes with quotes, ideas, comments, etc.: one archive is for a specific subject or project, and another archiving system may be for the whole researcher’s life, notes and ideas regarding all the things that matters to him/her.

    Do you have another way to organize your quotes, book’s highligths, etc? physically or virtually?

    1. Hi Leopoldo,

      Sorry for late reply. I have no special way or apps in organizing quotes but I use Synthesis Matrix to collect them by theme. If you have better ways, please share with us. Thanks.

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