My 5-year plan towards PhD

This is my very rough 5-year plan that I did after talking to the Head of Division and Head of School during my job interviews. This ultimate goal of this plan is to graduate with a PhD. That’s one of the important issues we discussed during the interviews. I guess a PhD is inevitable if I want to build an academic career and I’m already preparing myself for this possibility. However, before I can make this happened, a plan is essential, especially when I’m new to academia. I also do not plan to go into PhD unprepared, so I’m trying to plan ahead and learn as much as possible even before starting.

Year 1

1. Course work, program structure and teaching

  • I guess I would spend a lot of time getting myself to familiarize with the course work and program structure plus preparing for teaching time. These are the things that I need to invest time and effort to catch up on teaching experience (to balance up my industry experience).

2. Explore research topics in preparation of research proposal

  • Meanwhile, I should get my research started by exploring potential research topics that I can turn into a research proposal. I expect myself to restart my literature review process and I believe it will be a continuous long process.

Year 2 – 3

1. Enroll to PhD program

  • If things go well with my teaching career for the first year, I would expect to get a job confirmation status that allows financial support to enroll to PhD program.

2. Research methodology

  • Research methodology is very important as a road map for successful research project. Once the research topic is finalized, a research methodology should be in place too, though it will not be an easy task to finalize a research methodology.

3. Data collection and analysis

  • If everything goes as planned, data collection can be started and followed up by analysis.

Year 4 – 5

1. More data collection and analysis

  • I guess it’s safe to plan sufficient time for data collection and analysis. It is a PhD! The quantity and quality of data is very important.

2. Recommendation/Implementation/Conclusion

  • Implementation usually takes quite a lot of time to execute to be followed by good recommendations. Writing conclusion should be good indication for near completion but I guess things are not as simple as that. We will see…

3. Publication and Graduation

  • Most PhD programs required the candidates to have at least 2 or more publications. That would be totally another challenge in academia. Graduation is normally just a ceremony, however, to be able to graduate with a PhD should be a great accomplishment in life.

As I said, this 5-year plan is really at a very early initial stage. I expect this plan to evolve accordingly (hopefully positively too) once I officially start my job in August. Anyway, I feel more confident and motivated with a plan for now. I hope this is a good start, at least.

What do you think of my plan? Any good tips from your experience you want to share?


2 thoughts on “My 5-year plan towards PhD

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  1. The research process is actually quite messy (as you probably saw yourself, during your masters) and the stages tend to overlap rather the neatly follow each other – so, for instance, when you are conducting your literature review, you should probably start noticing the methodology / methodologies used and start thinking about how you are going to collect your data.

    My main advice would to start writing as soon as possible – and that is both start collecting words for your PhD, and thinking about publications: waiting until the end of the PhD to start getting your work out there is too late.

    And, apart from that, enjoy the ride – it will be ridden with self doubt, but it is a unique opportunity to explore a topic in depth.

    1. Ana,

      Thank you so much for your advice. I really appreciate it. I know research process is messy and I just hope I won’t fall apart trying to organize the mess. I’ll follow your advice to start writing as early as possible and to look out for publication as early too. I truly hope my ride will be enjoyable, thanks to you and everyone who is so generous with sharing advice and experience.

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