My first week working in academia

As expected, my first week in my new work place was rather uneventful and I was quite free with nothing much to do. I was briefed by HR on my first day at work with their various staff policy and procedure. I was also required to fill up quite some forms on my first day. In the afternoon, my HOD showed me around the office building and computer labs but I couldn’t actually remember so much on my first day, of course. On my second day, I asked the admin staff for a campus map and started to get acquainted with all the buildings myself. I practically walked around a few buildings and canteens alone to get myself familiarized.

Working in a campus gives me interesting views every day. There are simply so many people around all the time but I couldn’t recognize or know all of them personally. Even those sitting in the same room with me, I’m having difficulty to remember their names and faces. I’m getting to know more of my colleagues but it’s actually quite hard to get used to new working environment. Sometimes it’s worse because I couldn’t differentiate those people who are staff from the students. Everyone is simply looking so young and vibrant.

My first task on the job was perusing and preparing for the teaching material for the course in upcoming semester. The course is the most basic IT course and the content is not very difficult for me who has years of industry experience. With the help from other colleagues and some sample of teaching materials, I think I can handle this course with ease, though I may need times to adjust to the many procedures. During one lunch encounter with some new colleagues and my HOD, I have been asked to join the Industrial Training Programme (ITP) committee. I had no idea what work entailed being a member but I was simply happy to be part of something and get myself busy somehow. Anyway, I guess ITP is not totally new to me as I had been working in the industry for years and I practically know what to expect for such ITP placement in the organization. What I probably need to learn is the process or procedure to help the students get the internship placements and follow through all the process for evaluation.

I believe there are so much to be learned on daily basis and I’m grateful to have the time to learn at my own pace because the semester hasn’t started yet. While most of the colleagues are busy wrapping up their coursework tasks and preparing for invigilating examinations very soon, I’m taking my time to understand all the procedures and quietly sitting at my cubicle to read and write. I guess after the examinations, my job will starts as one of the markers. That sounds exciting to someone like me who is new in academia, though I know many who have found this marking task to be tedious and probably scary. I have yet to know for sure but we will see.


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