The hectic 2 weeks

I have finally finished all my marking workload. I have also done my invigilator duties early this week, so today I finally have time to breathe and relax. The past 2 weeks were quite hectic. I did plan my workload quite well and finished everything on time. Not bad for my first time, I guess. Now just pray that I didn’t make any mistake, although I have rechecked everything many times.

I didn’t realize at first that 100 over answer scripts could be that big a bundle. I didn’t panic at all see this because I planned my time well to mark them, each question for all scripts at a time. I took an average one day per question for that bundle. I basically sat in the office from 8 am until 5 pm every day since I started marking.

Then before I could really finish the first bundle, I was given another set of scripts for marking. Luckily it’s just 10 and I finished them earlier than I thought.

I had to plan my time well so that I could meet all the due dates and at the same time not too stress about this workload. I had to balance all my time between marking and invigilator duties too. I also started a new work habit to finish every thing in the office, so I didn’t bring any marking workload home during the weekday and weekend. I guess I balance my work life quite well for now. A good start! Hopefully, I can continue this good work habit when the semester starts soon. Wish me luck!

Oh, by the way, I still love my new working life in academia. Let’s talk about it again when semester starts. Haha!


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