Everything backward…

I had everything backward for the past month! I knew I wouldn’t be having my first teaching class when I first joined the academia because the current semester was going to come to an end. When I started on my first day, it was already the last week of the semester, just merely 1.5 weeks before examination started. Never had I imagined that my first ever task as a faculty member was to invigilate examination. Then in between invigilator duties, I had marking workloads, helping others to grade more than a hundred scripts. Of course, we were all given marking scheme and we discussed regularly to standardize the marking. Soon, I would have multiple meetings for Board of Examiners to finalize students’ grades too.

Now it’s the semester holiday and I actually have some free times in between meetings and lesson plans. Still not yet start to teach! And it won’t be until another month. Funny how I had everything backward for now. The experience is so different but I guess I’m coping well. I dare say that I like what I’m doing too. Anyway, I’m grateful to be given more time to prepare my first ever lesson plan. There are seriously a lot to be learned especially that my first lectureship semester will be a shorter semester. I have to ‘physically and mentally’ prepared myself to deliver some sort of ‘crash course’. Can’t really imagine how things will go yet but I’m trying my best to learn as much as possible and hopefully to be a good educator.

Happy weekend, everyone!


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