#AcWri Accountability Spreadsheet – Feedback

If you have been using Academic Writing Accountability spreadsheet, I sincerely thank you for your support and I truly hope it has helped you to increase your writing productivity and at the same time get enough support/motivation during your writing journey. I have been hosting this spreadsheet for at least 1.5 years now. Although we don’t have too many participants except for the month of AcWriMo last year, I find that most of the participants who joined the spreadsheet are truly progressing well.  Seeing their daily updates on what they have achieved really make me happy and motivated.

Here I would like to take a bit of your time from your daily writing to give me some feedback about the spreadsheet. It’s a simple survey to find out from you what can be improved on the spreadsheet to help more people to be accountable and (stay) motivated in their academic writing. It doesn’t matter if you are already using the spreadsheet or just started or only now stumble upon it, I welcome your feedback, nonetheless. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

#AcWri Accountabiltiy Spreadsheet – Feedback

I truly hope this spreadsheet idea will continue to help as many people as possible. Let’s work hard together to be more productive in our daily writing and may we all achieve all our writing goals.



3 thoughts on “#AcWri Accountability Spreadsheet – Feedback

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  1. I love the idea of the accountability spreadsheet, but found it a bit clumsy to go to a specific website to input the information. So… I started using one on my own laptop. In my spreadsheet, I also distinguish between various types of activities so that I can monitor not only how much time I invest in AcWri but also on what.

    1. Thanks Ana for your comment. Do you mind sharing what types of activities you monitor? Or share your spreadsheet template? Thanks 🙂

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