Saving tweets to Evernote

I always discover new cool stuff from my Twitter followings (other than my RSS feeds) and sometimes I wish I can save awesome tweets for keepsake so I can get back to those awesome links later. Unfortunately, Twitter is a good place for conversation but not so cool for saving them permanently.  If you are a frequent user of Evernote and basically love to save ‘everything’ to your Evernote account, here’s a good news.

I have recently discovered an easy way to save tweets to Evernote by following simple instruction:

1. Follow @myen Twitter account.

2. Wait for @myen to follow you back.

3. You will receive a direct message from @myen to activate the integration between Twitter and Evernote.

4. Now test sending tweets you want to save to Evernote by adding @myen to your tweets.

5. You should be able to see that tweets in your Evernote account now.

I personally created a different notebook called ‘From Twitter’ to collect all the tweets imported through this method. Unfortunately, I have to manually put those tweets into that notebook. Now how I wish it can be done automatically! Hehe! If anyone knows better way in doing so, do let me know. Thanks!


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