#AcWri Live Chat (AP) – 16 Oct 2013 – Preparing for #AcWriMo 2013

Good news! Academic Writing Month (AcWriMo) is coming back this November. A lot of preparation has been going on under the leadership of Dr Charlotte Frost and now we have a team of AcWriMoAmbassadors. Of course, I’m one of them. I couldn’t miss all the fun of helping to run AcWriMo now, could I? Although I’ll have more workload in November, I’m still very excited about AcWriMo. It’s definitely will be the biggest and best AcWriMo yet!

In preparation of AcWriMo, there will be an Asia Pacific (AP) #AcWri live chat next Wednesday, 16th October 2013 at 5pm GMT+8 or check the correct time in your time zone here. Our topic for this chat is “Setting your AcWriMo goal(s) and your plan for AcWriMo”. Generally, we will talk everything about AcWriMo and please join us by signing up in the Academic Writing Accountability spreadsheet.

If you are new to Twitter live chat, just follow the hashtag #AcWri during the above mentioned time and contribute your tweet with the same hashtag. If you have any problem, do let me know on Twitter. Do follow us at @acwri_apac for latest AP AcWri chat updates. See you all next Wednesday!


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