AcWri all year round!

First of all, I’m truly sorry that I missed most of AcWriMo due to unforeseen sudden training schedule and increased of workload. I wished I could plan better my November for writing but it’s too late now. What I have learnt was I would never underestimate teaching workload ever again. This workload could really ‘kill me softly’. Haha! I was teaching two different courses nearly at the same time with overlapping semesters. I was struggling with getting acquainted with new process and with the syllabi at the same time. Not an easy task, now I know.

Nevertheless, thank you everyone who had participated in AcWriMo Accountability Spreadsheet. You all are simply awesome with constantly progress update and I’m so happy to see so many achievements recorded in November sheet. If you enjoy AcWriMo, I welcome you to continue using the spreadsheet each month as AcWri will be an all year round event (if I can help it!).

I have just finished marking the final exam scripts for my first ever batch of students who just completed their first year first semester. I have also recently went away for 2-week long training, so you could simply imagine how chaotic my schedule was when I had to put in extra hours for replacement classes once I came back from training. However, I guess all are good for now. I’m catching up with anything overdue and I’m simply happy I have been meeting all due dates so far. Next, I’m preparing next semester’s syllabi (teaching two different courses again) which are something new to me yet I guess learning new things would be fun. Wish me luck!


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