Instructor Training

Since I started my new job in academia, I have been attending various training sessions. I have been told each academic staff must attend 5 days of technical training per year. Guess how many days I have completed in my last 5 months here. Answer: more than 20 days. Impressive, right?

The latest training that I attended was the latest version of CCNA Routing and Switching for Instructor Training. If you don’t know, CCNA is the Cisco certification for networking people. I was not technically a networking gal but I have always love learning all about networking. When the boss asked me to attend this training, I was ecstatic. It’s a very rare opportunity to get this kind of instructor training and there’s only one venue and limited trainers (apparently, there are only 4 qualified instructors in Malaysia who can teach other instructors) to offer such a course. I’m really honor to be able to learn from the best and they were my previous lecturers during my master’s. It’s so good to be back to my alma mater for 2 weeks. Honestly, I didn’t spend as much time in my faculty during my master’s as when I attended the training. Haha!

Anyway, good news is I have passed the first two modules of the training and I’m now the certified instructor who can teach Module 1 and 2 for the CCNA certification. I’m going back for another 2 weeks in February for the last two modules. I bet it will be much harder to pass but I’m simply happy to be given opportunity to learn.


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