Goodbye February!

Another month has gone by. I sometimes sit down and wonder what had really happened to my February? Where had all my time gone to? If I’m to be honest with myself, I would admit most of my working time, I spent it on preparing lecture slides, setting final exam and midterm test, replying students’ requests (especially I have opened myself to be easily reachable through FB), and got involved in various activities for students’ industrial training program. My new life in academia was not easy at all but I do find it interesting and challenging. There is simply so much to learn and explore. How I wish I have more time in the world to do just that.

Not forgetting I spent half of February attending CCNA Instructor training, completing the remaining last two modules. Not as demanding as the first two modules, yet I have a lot to learn on my own. Anyway, I’m simply glad to have the opportunity to learn and become a better teacher. Oh and another thing I had spent time working on was learning all about Latex and SPSS. Why? Because I’m taking over another lecturer’s classes on research methods from mid of semester onwards. I was actually a bit panic at first because to be very honest, I had no idea using either Latex or SPSS. However, I forced myself to be brave for my first class introducing SPSS and I guess I have improved from then on for all my other classes. This is really something very challenging to me but I think it’s good because I have learned valuable information that could be beneficial for me in my own research.

This is my second semester so I have tried out different methods to improve teaching and learning process. More about them later.


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