Blogging my way to recognition

I thought last semester was the most hectic but I was so wrong. The new semester has started and I already felt the extremely hectic schedule for the next few months until the semester ends. The silver lining of all these are at least I’m teaching my favourite subject, Computer Networks, this semester, even though I’m still new to its syllabus. Sometimes, I couldn’t believe it that I have made my bold move to academia for the past 10 months. Time always passes fast when you have your hands full of everything! No kidding! In this short 10 months, I have successfully completed 2 semesters teaching different new subjects. When one is new to academia, every subject is new. I have also put on different hats dealing with different situations. One day I’m the lecturer, another day I’ll be the tutor, then occasionally the advisor and coordinator, and now the latest hat is students’ project supervisor.

What makes me motivated every day is the opportunity to make a difference. It’s very important to me that I can touch as many lives that I meet every day. I’m also very enthusiastic towards using technology in teaching and learning. My research interest has always been using all kind of Web 2.0 technology in the learning process. Now I can finally walk my talk and I did it quite good actually. With the support of the university in using these tools, I have been provided a WordPress blog ( to experiment with my teaching process. I setup my blog primarily to share learning materials and course information for the past 2 semesters. I have been enjoying my experience in integrating more tools into my blog as my semesters went by. Tools such as Slideshare, Dropbox, GoFileDrop, GoogleDrive, and Facebook are some of the best tools that really work for me. Especially Facebook, I created a page dedicated to courses I teach and asked my students to follow the page for updated information. My page is actually getting more hits than my blog and it’s still the most preferred tool among students. Not surprising, actually but I still make them access the blog for learning materials.

When this third semester started, I was all excited to try out more new tools for the blog as I revamped it every new semester. Since then, my blog has become even more popular and well liked (if I may say so) with my newly added appointment system feature. While I’m happy trying all these, the management is actually monitoring my progress without me knowing. One day, they invited me to the launch of Digital Project, an initiative to bring the university to higher level in the digital world. What surprised me was I was invited to be presented an award – Best Education Blog. Of course, it’s truly an honour to be given an award for doing something I love. I’m truly blessed that people recognise and appreciate my effort. With this award, the first thing I did was sharing it with my students on my FB page. Without their continuous support in using the tools that I tried, all these would not be a success or even noticeable to the management.


My academic friends who know me quite well by now noticed that the award is blue (my favourite colour) when they saw this on my Instagram. Haha!

To be honest, I didn’t expect such recognition and knowing that I have worked less than a year.However, I realized now that doing what you love would definitely bring you satisfaction which motivates you to strive higher with recognition. Many told me I was born to be in academia and I wished I had started earlier. Hehe!

Lastly but not least, I would like to thank you, my readers, online academic community, and friends, for supporting me in blogging for some years. Without your support, I would not be able to find out what I love most and achieve some milestones.


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  1. I think that having practical experience is great in the classroom and in research because you understand the reality that your students about to join and your research participants / collaborators live in everyday. So, don’t regret the time you spent in industry – it’s all part of your professional development. For instance, maybe you wouldn’t have thought about blogging, using Google Drive, Facebook, etc if you have always been in the academic environment.

    Congratulations on the award and recognition. And best wishes for the new semester.

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