My first year in academia

The 14-week semester is coming to an end (finally!). I hope I can get back some free time to write during the coming semester break. With this concluding semester, it also means that I have officially worked in the university for one year (hurray!). I can’t believe a year has passed already. I have successfully conducted courses for the past 3 semesters and I have participated in various activities too during this short one year. I felt that I have learned so much yet I’m still ‘hungry’ to learn more. That’s why I love working in academia where the learning is literally endless and limitless.

Anyway, for my first year anniversary, let me share with you some of the things that I found I can’t live without as an academic. First off, let’s talk about my ‘precious’ stationery.

I started off with a small pencil case (on the left) but very soon I found it to be insufficient to hold everything I wanted. I went high and low searching for the one case that I like. Finally, I found one (on the right) that has a few compartments outside and inside. I simply love it. Of course, it must be blue. Haha!

In my faculty, every lecturer is given only 3 markers with (self-service) refills provided in a special room. Honestly, I had never refilled marker pens before in my whole life until recently. Since these markers are going to stay with me for my entire career, I thought it’s best to ‘mark’ them with my name as well.

Finding the perfect red pens is my new obsession now. I have run out a few red pens after the first 2 semesters, marking over few hundreds exam scripts. So far, these particular brand of red pens are the best.

My latest stationery obsession is these pencil’s eraser caps. Aren’t these gorgeous? These are simply the most genius creation (at least to me, haha!). These keep my pencil from dirtying my pencil case and I can use them to erase my writing. I love using these pencils over mechanical pencil nowadays. Oh by the way, my husband thought I’m too crazy over these kind of things. Haha!

Next, let’s talk about food as part of my daily routine.

Some of my classes started from 8 in the morning and they were back to back until 5pm sometimes. So, I normally prepared my breakfast and lunches to bring with me to campus.

Coffee is a must-have in the morning. Of course, it’s not always Starbucks in the morning. This was rare occasion where one of my colleagues bought Starbucks coffee for me one day. Haha!

For most mornings that I didn’t have early classes, I normally spent my breakfast time at McCafe or McDonalds. Of course, it must be coffee too.

For snacks, I kept these close with me during the day, in case I was hungry in between classes. These are yummy and filling, though a bit too sweet for my taste. Among these three, I like apple and cinnamon the best.

Now I wish I can add fitness into my morning routine. If only, I’m determined enough to wake up even earlier. Let’s see if I can change in this second year.


4 thoughts on “My first year in academia

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  1. One year already??? I can’t believe it. It seems like yesterday you were trying to decide whether or not to go into academia.

    Glad to hear that you are enjoying the experience. Even marking 😉

    The one thing I can’t live without is my water bottle – I get really thirsty when I am teaching.

    1. Dear Ana,

      Thank you. Yes, one year already! I also can’t believe it. Marking is still hard for me but I’m learning to enjoy the process (if that’s possible!). Haha! I also have a big bottle of water with me all the time. Can’t go thirsty with all the ‘shouting’ in the lecture hall.

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