Jenn’s Epic Fail in #AcWriMo 2014

This is really embarrassing! As one of the AcWriMo 2014 ambassadors and initiator for AcWriMo Accountability spreadsheet, I have thoroughly failed this year for achieving my writing goals. Let me reflect on my failure here and see what I could have done better.

First of all, I think I have very unclear writing goal for this year. I have wanted to write up on a paper submission but I wasn’t clear when and where to submit my paper. The only consolation achievement that I managed this month was a 250-word abstract and an A1 sized poster writeup for a competition submission, which I won a silver medal (more about that later!). Then it was the problem with my sudden travelling plan to Switzerland. Although it was really a good opportunity to travel and sort of getting my short vacation (during the semester, which was extremely hard to get), it was really a bad idea for keeping a writing routine. I was rather ambitious to think I could have done some important reading during travel, unfortunately in reality I did none. The iPad I brought along with me to Switzerland was rather untouched during my stay there.

Once I came back, my teaching workload kicked in and I basically had to follow up work for the days I was not here. Then I also realized I have this professional certification exam voucher that is going to expire on 2 December 2014 but I hadn’t even started studying for it. I had only less than 2 weeks when I realized this. Now it’s less than a week but at least I have started preparing for the exam, which I’m going to schedule on next Tuesday. Yes, exactly on 2 December! So imagine my panic and anxiety! I have no time or mood to write at all. Truly my fault on my poor planning.

In a blink of eye, November is coming to an end. I realized I have failed miserably this year for AcWriMo and I really want to write this down as reflection. Since I have some time to write today, I made a declaration on Twitter to write and thanks to Charlotte Frost for keeping me accountable today. Writing this doesn’t tip the scale of my failure to achievement but at least I don’t feel that bad for not achieving anything at all. It’s like trying for a consolation prize today. Another consolation to my failure is although AcWriMo is going to end, there is always AcWri throughout the year. Haha!

PS: My writing has gone rusty so today’s writing exercise on this is a great start. Now back to studying for my exam! I promise I will write more once I’m done with the exam. Anyone want to hold me accountable for that?


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  1. Aww, don’t be so hard on yourself! Life happens, and some goals are just a bit unrealistic given everything else. I’m going to accomplish only a half or two thirds of my goals, but I am going to continue #AcWriMo for the first two weeks of December to get further along…

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