Web 2.0: Innovating Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Due to my keen interest in Web 2.0 technology, I have actually made a name for myself in my university in implementing Web 2.0 in my teaching and learning process. With my initial thought to personally exploring further my interest but now I have become a role model to many academics in my faculty and other faculties to look up to for trying to incorporating technology in our lesson plans. Although my experience is still new, many (especially the bosses) are seeing opportunities that I can bring to others. I have actually made a few presentations and sharing sessions with my colleagues from all the faculties about my method in incorporating Web 2.0 tools in my teaching and learning process.

Recently, the faculty had been invited to participate in the National University Carnival on e-Learning and the boss thought of me and were wondering if I was interested to participate in the competition to showcase my innovation or idea. I was delighted at first but at the same time I was very afraid. My innovation is not something very impressive or so great to shout out about and I’m still experimenting on it gradually semester by semester. However, I thought the call for competition was a great opportunity and one I would regret if I missed it, so I agreed to take part.

In a short one week time (before I left for Switzerland), I completed the entry requirement of the competition with an A1 poster and abstract about my idea. Here’s my A1 poster for the competition. I featured three important tools that I have been using for my teaching and learning process: WordPress, Google Drive, and Facebook Page.

Once I touched down on Thursday, I went straight to collect my poster from the printing shop and went to campus for class. On the next day, I went to the competition with my poster and presentation slides. The requirement was to present the idea to three judges at different times. Here’s my simple presentation slides that I made my presentation to all three judges.

Nothing to shout about as most of these were done in short notice but I’m glad I could make it to the competition even though I had super tight schedule with my sudden travelling. Anyway, my purpose for joining this competition was not to win anything but to meet so many other academics and to see so many others innovation. The experience was an enlightened one.

At the end of the competition, when my entry was awarded a Silver Medal, I count my blessings. Luckily for my category of competition, most of the entries got either Gold, Silver or Bronze. So other than my experience gain, I have also gained a medal and hopefully an achievement for the faculty and university.

Thank you for my lucky star but I do believe hard work pays off. Hehe!


5 thoughts on “Web 2.0: Innovating Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

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  1. Congratulations! Yes, you are right: you work really hard and this medal (and other achievements) are a reflexion of that.

    Thanks for sharing your slides.

    PS – and it’s blue 😉

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