Good to be a student but…

…it’s boring and putting me to sleep sometimes.

After the marking workload frenzy, I am now away for a week training to get certified as CCNA Security instructor. I like to learn so being a student once in awhile is kind of fun. However, that feeling depends highly on the topic in the lesson.

Yesterday, I was paying full attention learning the topic of access control list which I found it to be quite complicated. Though it’s hard, I didn’t feel bored. Today’s lesson is on intrusion prevention system, which it’s not very new to me. Here I am writing this post while the instructor is still talking in front.

I’m guilty of not paying attention but seriously this topic interests me lesser. Hence, I’m wondering how my own students have been feeling with topics that do not interest them in my lesson. I don’t blame them for not paying attention after my own experience. But then this is not an excuse for not learning or failing the exam. To me as a student, if I’m not paying attention I must make sure I can learn on my own and still excel. Failing is not an option. Haha!

Anyway, I just want to write something for the sake of updating this blog. It makes me feel better to be able to write, actually. My mind is so in need of expression of words. I’m also trying to write from my phone so I will have lesser reasons for not writing.


2 thoughts on “Good to be a student but…

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  1. I know the feeling – during my MBA, I completely switched off during my Economics’ lessons (My first degree was economics). Guess what was the module where I got my worst marks in? That’s right: economics.

    So, this is a real problem for the teachers, as well as the students. If you find a way of overcoming it, please share 😉

    1. Oh, you too! Did you ever realize why you switched off or why you got the worst mark in something you are supposed to be good at? I’ll look into this closer, hoping I don’t put my students to sleep in my lessons. 😁

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