Go ahead and take a step

I came in to campus today at 8 am, thinking to start on my tasks earlier. At the end, I used more than one hour to clear my Feedly reading list and now I’m writing this post to clear my mind. I have been a bit stressful lately. One would think that after a year plus in academia, I would become more relax over work as I have learned necessary skills in manoeuvring my academic tasks. Unfortunately, that’s not for my case. I found myself to be covered with higher pile of tasks. Sometimes I was too overwhelmed to start anything. I might have even lost track of keeping the urgent and important tasks completed on time. All these things give me stress over time and I feel like I’m currently at the boiling point for my own limit.

I’m wondering is it me who has given my own self so much stress because I have high expectation of myself? Have I made the wrong decision to take up more responsibilities because I truly wish to learn and explore more? Is the way I work the problem? Am I not efficient enough or productive enough? Questions over questions for myself. Eventually, I give up in finding answers.

Now that I’m writing these down, I don’t think I regret getting myself involved in more tasks. Some of them I truly enjoy doing because I know I’m making a difference. Anyway, I’m determined to get things done today. So I would just go ahead and take a step…

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  1. I am so sorry to read that you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, Jenn. I think that it is really important to 1) understand why you take on so much work (you need to very honest with yourself), and 2) think whether this is the best (or, indeed, a good) way to get where you want (and need) to be. Regarding the latter, I would recommend listening to this audio (http://www.facultydiversity.org/?dailywriting) – it is very long, but really useful. Also, check the associated slides here (http://www.academiccoachingandwriting.org/assets/uploads/daily_writing_slideshow.pdf)

    1. Thanks Ana for sharing with me these good links. No worry, I’m feeling much better now after I ranted at this post and got some tasks done today. I guess writing or ranting is therapeutic sometimes. Haha!

      1. I know writing helps and I seriously need to schedule a fixed time every day to write. When is your best time to write every day? I’d prefer to write in the morning but my class this semester starts at 8 am until 3pm so writing in the morning is not possible for some days.

      2. Ideally, in the morning, though I don’t start writing straight away: it helps me to write in my journal about other issues, before I actually start #AcWri. Having said that, I also had good sessions on a Friday afternoon, but in that case it helped to be with other people (it was a shut up and write session). If you can not write in the morning, do not beat yourself about it, but aim to write 30 mns a day, and adjust the type of writing to how tired you are feeling (e.g., bullet points, editing…). Something is better than nothing, and it keeps the piece of work front of mind.

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