Jenn’s Musing

Another one week to the end of a short semester. Finally I can take a break, no matter how short. Since I have no class today, I thought I should write something. Anything is better than nothing, right? I really need to spend more time writing down just anything. I like that therapeutic feeling of getting my thoughts organized. I have already been quite successful in reading every day and clearing my Feedly list. I have so much I want to write about something I read. Unfortunately, I still fail at setting a dedicated time to sit down and write. My schedule is still a little unpredictable and I’m probably not determined enough.

Anyway, this morning I had been going through a round of marking midterm papers and some editing on a guideline to students about industrial training. I’m the leader of the industrial training programme committee, that’s why I have a bit more to do than others. Seriously, being a leader is all work and no fun. I have to do a lot of planning, delegating works, organizing briefings, and editing information on multiple documents for various parties. Just the other day, I gave a briefing to 300++ students in an auditorium. My first time ever to have so many students in one big hall. Not forgetting that I have to constantly deal with a lot of problems and finding solutions. Everyone is simply looking up to me to get things done, though I have learned to let others to do the tasks I have delegated. Not easy! Everyone is simply too busy with the on-going semester and finding time to do extra tasks is not easy. To be honest, all these new responsibilities on my shoulder are giving me stress. On the other hand, I’m not complaining the extra workload because I know my boss believes that I can do the job when I was given this leadership. I’m actually complaining on myself for not handling all these responsibilities better and give myself less stress. I’m learning and trying hard to be better.

Okay, enough about stress. By talking about stress, I hope once I finish talking about it, it will just kaput. Haha! Of course, it’s not even possible. At least, I feel lighter with things in better perspective now. Acknowledging my own stress and other limitations would help me moving forward. I also acknowledge that my stress is causing some tension on my physical self. Lack of exercise and proper sleep are just not helping. I have been reading a lot of self care articles from other academics recently and I realize it’s very important to take care of myself in this hectic academic environment. For a starter, I’m going for facial treatment session and dinner tonight with the husband. I have also been practising not bringing work home over the weekend. Hopefully, these will help me to slowly overcome all my tension and worries.

On the brighter note, my first ever batch of students is going to graduate soon. Once they finish industrial training in next 6 months, they will officially graduate. I’m simply so proud of my students and I’m glad I got to know so many wonderful individuals who have made my classes so happening and full of laughter. Not forgetting that many had become my ‘guinea pigs’ in trying new technology and new methods in our teaching and learning process. Some have become good friends who share with me a little of their happening lives. I hope I have been a good mentor, advisor, and teacher for the past 1.5 years. To me, that’s one of the pleasures of working in academia. Touching lives and making a difference.


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