An extraordinary teacher

I recently attended a compulsory in-house teacher workshop for 2 days last week. The workshop was titled “Effective Classroom Management and Communication”. I always enjoy attending workshop because I believe we always learn something new from various people we meet at the workshop. Every lecturer in my Uni has to attend at least four compulsory teacher workshops and I have already attended 3 workshops now during my 1.5 years here.

In this particular workshop, we learned a few new tricks how to manage our classroom and how to better communicate with our students. We were given good real examples how to manage a class of misbehaviour students and some creative tricks we could use. We also participated in a few games during the workshop that clearly proved that communication of clear and precise instructions were so important. All in all, I definitely can implement some of the tricks in my classes next semester. We also discussed a few problems that all of us encountered in the past and many had given their opinions of their best workable solutions. It would seem that being a knowledgeable lecturer is enough to handle students nowadays. We are required to be flexible in deploying various techniques and ideas. Apparently, we need to evolve ourselves for the different generations of students that we will encounter.

Anyway, what I felt so strong about this recent workshop was the reminder that the overall workshop kept telling me. The reminder of why I got into academia in the first place. The reason why I want to become a lecturer (or teacher in general) is because I believe teaching and learning inspire me and being a lecturer has the greatest power to inspire others. Inspiration and motivation are such vital ingredients in my teaching life that sitting through the workshop had reinforced my love for teaching.

Let me share the reminder that my trainer had been sharing with us throughout the workshop:

 A mediocre teacher tells,

A good teacher explains,

A superior teacher demonstrates,

An extraordinary teacher inspires, and cleans the board before leaving the classroom.

I might not be an extraordinary teacher yet but I truly felt inspired by this to become one. I’m probably on my route to become an extraordinary teacher just because I always clean the board before I start my class as I arrive at the classroom and before leaving the classroom after my lesson. Haha!


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