Writing at home on my day off

I actually took 3 days leave from work since Monday. It’s the semester break and it’s the only time I can officially apply leave. I’m not sure about other academics in other universities but for me, applying leave is one of the hardest thing to do in my university. Unfortunately, taking day off to really enjoy myself at home is not usually so easy. Just yesterday, I was required to go back to campus to attend an important meeting. Good thing is I stay quite near to campus so going back is not such a chore. 

Today is my third day off and originally I thought I would need to go back too because last night I received another email with urgent and important task from the boss. After I woke up this morning, I have second thought. By the way, I have actually started reading the book I discussed in my previous post: The 5 Choices. So I actually pause-clarify-decide in arriving at my decision today for not going to campus to deal with the urgent and important task. I guess it’s not really that urgent that I need to deal with it today, so here I am staying at home typing away. Simply so good to be able to write comfortably at home.

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Here’s my setting at home for writing today. I love this bluetooth keyboard unfortunately I didn’t utilize it that much. Blame it on my laziness. Whenever I’m at home, I tend to watch more TV than write. My excuse was I no longer have my laptop to write. The laptop I used for my dissertation was too old now to work properly and I didn’t replace it. I normally try to write at my campus desktop but it didn’t do me much good recently. I was struggling yesterday to write at my campus desktop. Staring at the monitor without any words coming out. Even a simple blog post to update the blog was extremely hard yesterday. 

I guess today is a new breakthrough. I feel so motivated to write with this new setting. Make me happy. I’m going to spend my free time today to read more and hopefully I can write more. Okay, now is time for lunch. 


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  1. Great to hear that you are having some ‘down time’. Though, surely, you shouldn’t be expected to come in for meetings, or be answering e-mails on your days off – if you had to go in for a meeting, you should get an extra day off, right?

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