Teaching is like walking in Jurassic Park

I couldn’t believe it that May just passed like that. It’s now June. Half of the year is going to end very soon. The new academic year began in early May, hence my super busy schedule has kicked in after some break. I’m teaching two new courses this semester, but they are my favorite networking courses so I’m actually quite enjoying my classes. The only problem is I have to spend a lot of time in preparing the lecture and lab materials since this is my first time teaching these courses.

Anyway, I hope after next week when I have settled my final examination questions for these courses, I would be able to relax a bit and turn myself to write more here. For now, I just want to share this funny message I received recently.

Have you seen this before?

I still get people telling me that teaching is an easy job, but none of them is a teacher, by the way. I guess only teachers would understand this. Teaching is not actually like walking in a park where you can leisurely enjoy the scenic view or peaceful environment. Have teachers ever able to do that? To me, teaching is more like running around chasing little kids to make sure they are doing fine (e.g. submitting coursework on time and not failing). In some other days, teaching is really like walking in a park full of dinosaurs who want to eat you alive (e.g. harassing us for their coursework marks or tips for exam questions). Anyhow, teaching is not as bad as in Jurassic Park where you always have to run for your life. Sometimes I really enjoy walking in that Jurassic Park where I can learn about the different variety of dinosaurs who sometimes can really do things that amaze me.

So to teachers out there, what do you think? Is teaching really a walk in a park for you? Haha!

3 thoughts on “Teaching is like walking in Jurassic Park

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  1. Completely and totally like walking in Jurassic Park. “Oh, this kid is crying, should I touch them while comforting them?” No. Well yes for that child, but no for this child. The statement I said yesterday was ignored, but the exact same statement today had a ton of “aha’s”.

    High school is the most creative and weird time in a young person’s life, and if you can’t rotate on a dime while still pushing forward with the goals of the class you are constantly hating your job.

    I really like your analogy (and I love teaching!)

    1. Thank you. I love teaching too! May we have more nice walks in Jurassic Park with enjoyable views and not the runs from T-rex. Haha!

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