Be a fitter academic

It’s now Week 7 of the 14-week long semester. I can finally breathe and take a break to write because I have settled the final examination papers and midterm papers. I know work is actually endless so this breather is just temporary. Anyway, I’m simply happy to have time to write something.

Today I would like to share with you about my latest fitness gadget that my husband bought for me. As an academic who spends most of the time sitting around in front of the computer (and also one who is getting older), I’m getting quite concerned about my health and fitness. I don’t actually run or exercise a lot, but I have started learning to swim in the hope that it helps me in keeping fit. I had always wanted this gadget to help me improving my fitness and I didn’t get it myself because it’s quite expensive. Thanks to the husband, he got it for me for no special reason and I truly appreciate his loving gesture.

Come and say hello to my Sony Smartband Talk. You can actually talk to this band. Seriously, I’m so in love with this new gadget because it’s the best fit for my Sony Xperia Z1 and to me, its ability to answer any phone call on the band is the best feature ever. Of course, this Smartband has all other fitness functions such as counting steps, counting calories, tracking sleep, and etc.

The smartband works well with Sony app called Lifelog, though this app can work on its own on the phone without the smartband. What I find this app so amazing is the weather animation. See my above screen capture. During that time, it was really raining and it showed in the app.

I have seen other fitness apps out there, but I found this Lifelog to be quite comprehensive with tracking the time I spend in commuting, viewing FB/browsing the Internet, reading books, and playing games. Of course, these are based on the activities I spend on the phone. The above screen capture showed the time I was commuting to work. The animation is really cute with the car moving.

Another reason I’m obsessed with my smartband and the app is about this sleep tracking. I had always wondered why I still felt restless though I slept more than 8 hours a day. After wearing this band, I realize I actually move a lot in my sleep every night, resulting in lacking of deep sleep. The above screen capture was the only night that I had the most deep sleep and that was on one of the weekends. I’m still trying to improve my sleep to increase my deep sleep.

In the campus, I actually walk a lot from one block to the other to conduct the lecture and practical classes. I really thought I should be fitter by just walking this much. After wearing this smartband, I have been proven wrong. It is recommended that we walk at least 10,000 steps a day to maintain our active lives. Anything lesser than that is considered less than active. To my surprise, I only managed to fulfill this 10,000 steps a day goal only once in the past few weeks.

Seriously, I didn’t think it was this hard. On average, I could only complete 7500 steps. Sometimes, it was lesser if I didn’t have a lot of classes and I spent a lot of times sitting in front of the computer. I’m still trying to aim for this 10,000 steps a day and I’m going to make sure it happens more often.

I have just updated the Lifelog and with this new update, the app can now show me insights. The above screen capture showed the data collected over last week and comparing it to the previous week, I have actually made progress with my steps. This is a great feature, as a good motivation indeed for someone (like me) who is obsessed with data and statistics.

Are health and fitness a major concern to you nowadays? Are you already on the ‘band’wagon? Do share with me how you are keeping fit and most importantly how to stay motivated?


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