A preview to Mendeley on Android

I guess this post is long overdue. Mendeley for Android has been out since mid of June yet I hope I’m not too late to make another shout out to all who have been waiting for this release. I was one of those who had been waiting for this release and I’m so honored to be invited to join the beta testing, though sadly I couldn’t say I contributed anything to it, but I got to know through group communications that many beta testers were really dedicated testing the app and recommended improvements. However, the latest version app that being released is truly the great work of the Mendeley’s developers and the product manager, Steve Dennis (who is so kind to invite me for the beta testing).

So for those who just got your hands on this new release or going to get it, let me give you a short preview what is so cool about this version.

The installation process from Google Play Store takes you less than a few minutes and if you are iOS user just like me, you will find the icon looks as familiar.

Once you open Mendeley for the first time on your device, it will sync all your folders and files’ information¬†though it will not automatically download all your files to your device.

I’m currently on to reading about Outcome Based Education (OBE) as this is an important aspect for all academics in my uni to learn as we prepare our syllabus and lessons. After I clicked on download the article, I can now read my article on my device.

Just like the iOS version, you can highlight on the article, add notes, and copy text (the functions are on the top right of the screen).

You can also edit the details (metadata) of the article. What I haven’t really tried before is on the right-hand corner of the article’s details view, where we can now share the article using other apps available on your device or email the pdf to someone. I think these features are simply so cool.

All in all, I’m pretty comfortable with my Mendeley on Android as the learning curve between this version and the iOS version is rather low. The best thing of all is I can now read, annotate, and highlight on all my devices: Sony Xperia phone, iPad and desktop. No more excuse for not reading some articles for literature review. Hehe!


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