First 2 years in academia

It’s not something very great. Anyone in academia can easily work for 10, 20  or even 30 years. My first 2 years in academia are considered child’s play to many. However, to me personally, these are the greatest two years of my working life, so let me virtually celebrating my 2 years in academia as of 1 August 2015.

Many have questioned me before: How do I like my job as an academic? I believe due to my love in education, the transition from an IT technical support to an IT lecturer did not take me very long and hard. I adapted to my new environment pretty fast and I simply love working in a campus. I have been exploring various roles in the academia in the past 2 years. From a simple lecturer, I have become a leader in a committee and I have actively participated in other academic and non-academic activities. Sometimes it was not easy but it has been a rewarding journey so far.

I’m grateful that I have been given various opportunities to excel in my job and most importantly, my work is being appreciated.  I’m also very grateful to my bosses and colleagues who have great faith in me and my capabilities to excel further in this institution.


I hope I will have many more great years in academia and continue to excel as an academic.  Thank you all for your support!


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