A simple blue update

Today is a public holiday for us here in Malaysia so I decided to switch on this Macbook at home and penned down some thoughts. Since my last post, I hadn’t have chance to properly update this blog and I felt truly bad about it. Okay, not many actually view my blog here but I do wish to update this as part of my journey in academia.

Don’t you think today I’m all matching with my Macbook and my laptop cushion. Haha! I live up to my favourite blue. I don’t use this Macbook often at home because when I come home all I can think of is my TV or novels. I normally spend hours in the office working on my computer so I don’t really want to work on any computer at home. The downside is I don’t get time to update this blog. I seriously have no time in the office to do so. Updating using my phone doesn’t give me the satisfaction or convenience. Anyway, I know I must revise my schedule to include more writing if I want to keep my writing brain working.

Let me update my latest news. After my official two years in academia, I have been offered a new leader role in my department. Although I had my doubt in juggling my already busy schedule, I thought this was a good opportunity to learn more in academia. Being an academic is not all about teaching, I started to realise now. The running of the academia is as important. The administration and operation of a department or faculty are crucial to the big picture. I began to see that this new role would definitely give me good chance to see things in different perspectives. Hopefully this new experience would make me a better academic as a whole.

Anyway, I’ll see how things go with this new role on top of being a lecturer and hopefully a better researcher and academic writer. Next semester I’m expected to do 2 different lectures for 2 different courses. It’s not easy but I’m always up to the challenge.


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  1. Glad you found the time to visit your blog πŸ™‚

    It does feel a bit weird to write when you are not sure whether someone is actually reading your blog posts (as per visit numbers + lack of comments) and, now and again, I do wonder if I am crazy. But I also get some really good real world conversations because of things that I have posted on the blog, which is a great reward. I also use the blog as a personal repository of things that I read or hear and that interest me.

    Congratulations on your new role. I do find university admin a bit frustrating in terms of the number of meetings that I need to attend, and the reports I need to write and produce. But, on the other hand, I have learned a lot about the workings of the organisation, and it gives me a change to help shape the ‘product’ that we deliver.

    Best wishes for the new semester. I am a bit anxious about the new semester, too, as I have two different courses two deliver (one of which is new), plus ad-hoc sessions in other courses, and I also need to revamp our programme. But at least I will know that I am not the only one and that, halfway acros the world, there is someone else feeling the same πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for always visiting this blog so I know at least I have one visitor who frequently leaves me comment. Haha! I agree about the endless meetings that I have to attend because of this new role. But so far, all the meetings are very useful and none is wasting my time.

      When is your new semester going to start? Mine is starting on 28 September. Although I’m not teaching new courses this coming semester, I’m a bit anxious about giving lecture to 300 students. I’m also glad I have you feeling the same like me too. πŸ™‚

      1. Our new students arrived this week, but classes proper only start on Monday (this week is about induction activities). We start a bit earlier than other universities in England.

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