Design of Personal Learning Environment Framework for Learner Autonomy

It has been at least more than 2 years since I have put my master’s dissertation aside. I had submitted a paper about my research to a journal and I actually got some feedback. Due to my hectic schedule when I first started my career in academia, I have left my paper behind. One of my many regrets until today. Then I basically lost touch with my supervisor.

So imagine my surprise that one day, out of boredom and curiosity, I google searched my name and I started to see some mentions of my name attached to a paper. In my knowledge, I have never submitted any paper to other places after my failed first attempt. Apparently, my supervisor was so kind to submit our paper to a conference and I believed she went to present it at the conference too. I’m truly happy to see my first published paper, though it’s just a conference paper.

Here I’m happy to share with you the paper that I wrote about my master’s research on Personal Learning Environment (PLE), particularly on the aspect of learner autonomy. It’s not a fantastic paper but it’s a good start for me.

What do you think of my paper? Feel free to give me comment for improvement.

I’m always very enthusiastic about teaching and learning, that’s why I started this research. Since I’m already in academia now, I should be able to write more about these since the whole campus is my playing field. I already have some new research ideas but getting things to start off is hard. Finding time to sit down and write is harder than I first thought with my teaching schedule generally 15-18 hours a week. Anyway, I vow to get my new research started and get more papers published (while I’m still excited about my first paper…haha!).


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