Google Keep

I didn’t realise how much I have missed writing and sharing about new useful apps until I’m writing this post. Today I want to introduce to you Google Keep, if you haven’t already use or heard of it yet.

This is my screen capture from my Android phone. Unfortunately, Google Keep is only available for Android, Chrome and web version. It’s very much like a combination of Remember My Milk and Evernote, making Google Keep an interesting app to use for save keeping just basically anything you want. Here in the screen capture, I have bullet point to do list where Remember My Milk or similar apps are great for that. Then I also have notes just like I can keep them in Evernote. I can also take photo or record voice to keep. You can set reminder on all kind of notes and you can also colour coded each note. This make your Google Keep so colourful and interesting.

If you are chrome user, you can add Google Keep from Chrome Web Store.

I have been using Google Keep to create to-do list and I really love that. I use Google Keep to write down a few hundreds words one night when I suddenly had some idea about a topic. It really came in handy.

So give it a try and let me know what you think.


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