New role, new room, new schedule

Since August 2015, when I was finally confirmed with a permanent employment, I was also being offered a new role in my faculty. It’s a programme leader role where I would have to take care of all the students under that programme. We don’t always get chance such as this because such role is only available if someone is stepping down from it or reshuffling personnel between programmes. I’m actually feeling honoured being offering such a role because after just barely 2 years working as an academic, I didn’t think I was qualified to be a leader which oversees more administrative works within the department and faculty. I’m truly honoured that my boss does think highly of me and thinks that I can excel in this new role and learn more along the way. I’m not sure yet if I can truly excel but I do learn a lot since. Administrative role is never easy and it’s always time consuming. Regardless how academics hate such role, someone has to take it in order to run critical operation of a faculty. I believe we all have a part to play as a faculty in a whole, other than just teaching and learning tasks.

For me, I really take this as a good opportunity to expand my knowledge and improve myself, though many have told me that this role will come with high responsibility and a lot more tasks. I really don’t mind more work and getting more busy. I’m pretty sure I can handle things once I have settled with a productive process of my own. Before I can start a new process, I first have to settle in my new room. I used to share a room with 15 people. Now with this new role, I’m sharing it with just one colleague, another programme leader. Of course, I have bigger desk and more storage place now which is still empty right now. However, I don’t think it will be empty for long since paperwork is still unavoidable here.

I try to make my new room as cosy as possible because I believe I will spend a lot of time sitting in my new room. So far, I really like the quietness in this new room. My partner is not always around so I spend most of my time sitting alone, listening to music while doing my work. Since the new room is just for the two of us, I asked my partner if she is fine with my blasting of music. She is also fine with my essence oil burner. I love the essence oil of lavender and rose. Hopefully, it won’t put me to sleep in the room. Haha!


I also come up with new productive schedule when this new semester started. My new timetable for the semester comes with a lot of slots for meetings (which every programme leaders have to attend) and most of my classes are in the afternoon until 6 pm. I’m quite free in the morning so I start to schedule exercise and writing time slots.

This is how my typical day looks like in this semester. I wake up at 7.30 am. Freshen up and tidy the bedroom. By 8 am, I exercise outside my house by walking around for 20 minutes. I come back to the home to have coffee and breakfast then I get ready for work. I normally go to office by 9.30 am or sometimes earlier. By 10 am I should already be at my desk and start writing or reading where I have already blocked an hour for reading and writing every day except Wednesday because I have practical lab session at 10 am. Hence, I double the reading and writing time on Tuesdays. So far, this new schedule is working for me. This post is written during this one hour slot. It’s nothing important in this writing but I believe getting into the right habit that works for me is important to get things done.

One of the things I love in academia is I get to work according to a timetable which I didn’t get such chance while working in the industry. I feel more productive if I have a schedule in plan and I try my best to follow my own schedule. Let’s see how this semester will go with everything new.


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