#AcWriMo 2015 Sign up & Accountability Spreadsheet

It’s the month of the year again. Academic Writing Month (AcWriMo) is back and it’s going to be greater than ever. If you don’t know what is AcWriMo yet, don’t worry, just read more here. Basically, AcWriMo is the initiative of PhD2Published with Dr Charlotte Frost at the helm. Every year in November, academics around the world would gather virtually (some even physically) to declare a writing goal for the month and just write “like there’s no December”. If you have read this blog for the past few years, you would have known I was quite active in AcWriMo initiative especially with the Accountability Spreadsheet. Didn’t realize that it has been 4 years until I spoke to Dr Charlotte recently.

Unfortunately, with my new academic role and hectic schedule, I haven’t actually been as active as I would like to be. To be honest, I actually had some new ideas for the Accountability Spreadsheet to improvise it due to overwhelmed demands and problematic maintenance. Sadly, I didn’t even have the time to really work on my ideas. The very good news is Dr Charlotte has even better idea and a great team to come up with this year’s super cool way for everyone to update writing progress efficiently. I’m so in love with this method.

Although I’m no longer the person behind this spreadsheet, let me at least give you a virtual tour on how this new Accountability Spreadsheet works.

  • Next, when you are ready to submit the form for the first time, please click Edit your response to get your personal URL. Please keep this URL safe somewhere because this URL is uniquely for you to come back to it to update your daily progress. (Note: You only need to submit ONCE and use this URL to edit your submission any time you want. Submitting more than once will create duplicate entries in the spreadsheet.)

  • Here is the example of my sign up today on the AcWriMo Accountability Spreadsheet

  • Whenever you are ready to update your daily progress, just go to your URL and you will see your sign up page again. Just click Next page and you will see space for each day.

  • Just input your name or your Twitter handle to quickly see your entry

  • Now, you are very much ready for AcWriMo. All you need to do is write every day to fulfil your daily goal then use your URL to update your daily progress. Visit this Accountability Spreadsheet often to view others’ progress and share your support with each other.
  • If you are active on Twitter, don’t forget to follow this hashtag #AcWriMo and give some ‘virtual cheerleading’ as motivation to each other. As usual, I shall be your #AcWriMo cheerleader on Twitter whenever I can. Or you can always drop me a mention @mystudiouslife for some support too.

Okay, that’s all for now from me. I hope you will find this post useful, especially if you are new to #AcWriMo.

May everyone achieve their AcWriMo goals and have a blast November.

PS: Don’t worry if you don’t achieve what you want, there’s always next month. Haha!


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