Where have all the time gone?

I have actually prepared a post when the semester just began in September but I didn’t get the time to finish the post. Now it’s already Week 12 out of 14. Two more weeks to end of this semester. Two more weeks to end of this year. I’m starting to panic. Where have all the time gone? So quick it’s end of December? It has really been a crazy and busy year for me.

Arrived at office around 9 a.m. today. Love this Momentum for Chrome. Every day I will be greeted with different scenery. Oh, I’m also trying to show off my cute blue tumbler. So in love with this blue. Hehe!

Today’s scenery is the Matterhorn in Switzerland. I’m feeling a bit nostalgic thinking about Switzerland. It’s been a year since my last visit. Although I haven’t been to Matterhorn, it reminds me of my trip to Jungfrau. More snow but still as beautiful.

Here’s one of the photos from Jungfrau trip on the train. I don’t fancy cold weather but seeing snow once in a while is good enough. I wish I have more chances to visit Switzerland again. Just keep dreaming and hopefully my dream will come true. Haha!

Okay, calling Jennifer back to reality! It’s nearly end of semester which means a lot of coursework grading. It also means time to prepare for another semester.

These books are waiting for me to start reading them. I have to prepare a new course about information security management and assessment. I have this love-hate relationship with new course. I love that I’m going to set my own direction for the course. I also hate it that I have to prepare everything from start to end because it’s new. Anyway, love or hate, I still have to do it. What am I complaining here? I chose this career path and this is just part of the job. Okay, back to work. Update more later. Oh, and thanks for dropping by to read my musings.


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    1. Hi, So nice of you to volunteer to ease someone else workload. But I’m sure you have learnt a lot more by doing so.

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