A busy January

I really thought this January would be more relaxing as it’s the end of semester. Unfortunately, I had nearly forgotten that I have to conduct a public course and it’s going to take 7 of my Saturdays. After discussing with the organizer, I’m going to start my first class on this coming Saturday. To be honest, I’m a bit nervous. This is my first time teaching a public course and it’s going to be a full day on every Saturday. My students would be different from my usual ones too because this public course is catered to working adults. The course itself is nothing new to me as I have taught it before, yet I’m still nervous thinking about conducting this course. Anyway, I’m telling myself a good preparation will definitely ease my anxiety and boast my confidence.

Problem now is I need to find time to do preparation in the midst of my marking workload and invigilating duties.

These piles are keeping me busy on weekdays and also last weekend, although I’m trying to minimize any work during my Sunday. I deserve a good day off, right? Since I’m going to work on Saturdays, my Sundays are becoming more precious now. These are only half of the total piles. I still have more coming this week.

Good thing is my dateline is this Thursday to submit all these markings, then next week I will be off to a conference for a few weekdays. Definitely something to look forward to. However, I just couldn’t believe my January is so full of activities and it is coming to an end soon. Can time pass a bit slower, please? Hehe!


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  1. Hi Jenn, Gosh – I am feeling the pressure just from reading this! Sending you positive vibes.

    In my experience, it is very different to teach (under)graduates and professionals. The latter really want to share their own experiences, either saying how much what you are saying is relevant for them, or asking you why it is not the same. So, expect lots of interruptions, and progressing more slowly through the material. But do let them speak – they will feel frustrated if you don’t, plus everybody will learn a lot from that (including you!).

    Also expect a lot of ‘that would never work for my organisation because…’, which is usually because they are misunderstanding some aspect of what you are saying. But do NOT tell them they are wrong in front of the whole class, as they will be embarrassed and no professional likes to loose face. Suggest discussing what is special about their organisation during the break or something, which has the additional benefit of making them feel that they got additional value from you.

    Good luck!

    1. Hi Ana,

      Thank you so much for your useful guide for me. Tomorrow is my first class and I’m very anxious now. I did all my preparation and hope I do well for my students. I’m looking forward to share knowledge and experience and at the same time learn something new from my new students. This should be exciting. I’ll update my progress soon. Thanks again.

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