New Theme for 2016

I think I really enjoy browsing WordPress themes and it’s best to finally find one that I like. Of course, it must be blue. Haha! So how do you like my new theme? I think it’s just perfect for now. I can choose whatever blue I want and the pattern looks so cheerful. That makes me wish to write here more.

I have also added one new category called Jenn’s PhD Journey. I have great plan for sharing more about my eventual PhD journey. At this moment, it’s still quite hazy but I think a dedicated category in this blog will make this new journey materialises on its own way.

February is here and it’s the month that I’m looking forward to because I will take a week off for Chinese New Year next week. After the holiday, I will be back to another short semester before my great plan for a holiday trip with the husband in May. Together with the on-going public course on Saturdays, this coming semester will be another busy one. However, before I can enjoy my holiday next week, I still have a lot to do this week especially in tabulating the workload for next semester as part of the tasks of my new role as programme leader. To be honest, this task is not an easy one but I do learn a lot in the process.

Anyway, if I have no chance to update here before I go on holiday next week, wishing everyone who is celebrating Chinese New Year, a happy Monkey year. May you be prosperous and healthy all year long.


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