Jenn’s PhD Journey – A new beginning

I don’t think many can relate to my back story as I came from the industry before joining the academia. My life and working experience has started differently from many scholars who started and finished their PhDs with pure academic working experience. For the past 2 years plus in academia, I have met many very young doctorates who have joined us as academic staff. Truth to be told, I envy them. So young, so much potential and they have already gained their Dr. title. Of course, I’m not saying that their journeys will be easier after that. What I truly envy is they have already passed the biggest obstacle in their academic lives, unlike myself who is still struggling to even start with a PhD programme. I sincerely hope I’m not too late or too old to start a PhD.

Nevertheless, I’m not complaining here. For 2016, I’m actually more resolved than ever to kick start my PhD journey. To start off my new resolution, I have created a new category called “Jenn’s PhD Journey”. Under this category, I plan to write more about the process how I want to start my journey to get my doctorate. Hopefully, this journey has a good ending or at least it will end somehow the way I want. Haha! But before this journey can reach its destination, I’m actually struggling to make a start. Thankfully, I get a lot of support from my faculty and a small group of academics, who have interest in starting this journey, have started a trend of having a PhD Support Group meeting at least once a month to discuss various issues (i.e. how to start, how to survive, etc.). I have attended 3 such meetings now and I truly found new inspiration which I hope to share more soon.

I also hope my blog readers will give me virtual support and if you are just starting your PhD, I hope we can share and exchange more useful tips and survival skills.


Hopefully I’m not turning purple by the end…


7 thoughts on “Jenn’s PhD Journey – A new beginning

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  1. Hope you don’t turn purple either~ tho it is a Power colour ~:-)
    It’s great you have this category. Personally I chose not to continue with my postgrad studies, quit working at the local uni and set up shop to meet identified gaps in tertiary ed study support. Great to hear you have a team with you on your journey. Am sharing your blog with my clients who beginning their PhD journey too.

    1. Hi, thanks and I do hope I’m not turning purple, though purple colour is not really very bad. I guess our choices to further studies or not really depend on our goals in lives. I’m sure you are doing great at what you do now. Thanks for sharing my blog.

  2. It’s great to hear that you have a support group, Jenn. Actually, I think that ‘isolation’ (both literal, and in the sense that no one is researching your topic, exactly) is the hardest part of the PhD.

    PS – I, too, started the PhD after industry experience. In fact, after my child was born, too. It is not easy… but can be done.

    1. Ana,

      You will truly be my inspiration. I know I can do it. Thank you for always giving me your support. Truly appreciate that.

  3. Hi Jenn, I’ve just applied for a PhD after 20 years in industry and doing 3 degrees while working – I found writing even my proposal terrifying, questioning myself, double, triple checking everything – and this is just the application stage! It’s quite sobering to realise that if I am accepted I will be 50 years old before I graduate..

    Best of luck in everything you do.

    1. Hi Jane, I can imagine your terrifying process. I feel the same. I salute your determination to apply for PhD. I guess age is not a barrier in anything we want to do in our lives. All the best to you too! Do share more about your application process and progress. Thanks for sharing.

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