Bye bye May, Hello new semester!

Good times pass real fast, especially if you are on vacation. My first ever long semester holiday has officially come to an end. I just started my first lecture yesterday but it was a disaster (another story another day, I guess!). Anyway, I came back from my 2-week holiday in the middle of May (it’s really a great holiday and I wish I have more time to share about it), then I spent a lot of times sitting on my desk working on my teaching materials for the new semester. There are simply so much to do every day at work, even though it was still semester break that time. I really felt no end to my work in academia but I’m not complaining. I love my job!

These are the books that I used for reference to prepare my teaching materials for two different security courses this semester. At times, I really opened up all these books on my desk just to double check on certain topics. I truly felt so studious that time. Truly more hardworking than my own students. Haha! It does have its fun but the process is rather tiring. Studying to teach is much harder than studying for my own but it’s still enjoyable because I love to learn new things.

Another reason why my work is never-ending is due to my new role as programme leader for a bachelor programme. I was a programme leader for a diploma programme for 6 months before my boss asked me to take over the bachelor programme. Most of the works are still the same except a bachelor programme has more components to take care of, which I’m still learning the ropes.

With this new role, I had to switch to another new room too. Here’s my desk facing a big white board, all for me. I’m still thinking what to write on it. It’s my first time getting such a big white board to myself and I can write whatever I want. I feel like a small kid with new toy. Haha!

I have also started reading this book to learn interesting way to do presentation to capture the attention of my audience a.k.a. my students. I have finished chapter 1 and it’s really very interesting. I wish I have more time spent on reading more. I have many books pending in my reading list. I also have to revise on CISSP to prepare to take the certification examination. Simply so much to do and I’m running short of time.

Oh, I’m also trying something new this semester to experiment with blogging as part of students’ assignment submissions. I wonder how well this will go. Last two semesters I had already experimented with Google Classroom and I really like it. However, there is no blogging tool in Google Classroom so I have to switch back to Blackboard this semester to try out the blogging tool. I hope I have time to write some review about these teaching and learning platforms to share with more people.

That’s all for now. Saying goodbye to May. This month of May has been great to me! I look forward to this new semester and hopefully things will be much better after my yesterday’s disastrous first lecture. Keeping my fingers crossed!


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