It’s July? 

Where has June gone to? I have no idea a month has passed and I hadn’t visited my blog for that long. Now let me think what have I done in June. Err…Emm…

Okay, the semester started at the end of May so I was pretty busy with lessons preparation the first few weeks of the semester. Then by week 5, I had to submit 4 set of questions papers for 2 different courses that I’m teaching this semester. Other than invigilating duties, my second dreaded task in academia is being the examiner of final exam papers. The amount of work to just prepare exam paper is seriously taking all my times. The worst thing of all is if the course is new and the syllabus is not being familiarized yet. Anyway, I have done my job on time as required, something I’m very proud of myself. 

This is week 6 and we are having public holidays during midweek so I’m taking my rest days to update here while trying to catch up with some revision of Information security certification CISSP. It’s really helpful that I’m teaching 2 information security courses that cover parts of the certification syllabus. I also feel that my understanding and knowledge have grown since I started teaching this semester. Totally agree with Dr Ana that the best way to learn a topic is to teach it.

Attending the certification training before the semester started really helps opening my eyes and giving me great insight into this field. I actually can relate so much more to the important topics when I’m teaching them to my students after the training. I seriously hope I can instill some interest in my students in these courses as I’m increasing my own interest in these courses. 

Talking about my own preparation for the certification, I’m rather ashamed of myself for lack of serious study. Although I did study parts of the topics whenever I need them to teach the students, I haven’t really done any serious revision of my own in order to sit for the exam. I have been spending some times listening to audio lecture from one prominent trainer but I don’t feel I’m good enough if I don’t make proper notes, though I have done some rough unorganized notes. So I have decided to make better notes while doing revision and I’m going to write them on this blog. Hopefully, I’ll do it in a more dedicated manner and maybe some people who are in the same field would benefit from my notes too. 

Okay, I promise I will do this soon and pray that I can get ready real soon for the certification. I truly have great interest in this information security field and I hope I can become a better security professional. 


2 thoughts on “It’s July? 

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  1. Ah! Don’t you hate the feeling of time flying by? I hope things ‘slow down’, soon.

    When I was reading you post, and how hard it was for you to revise, I thought “Maybe Jenn could blog about that stuff – it would double as revision”. Hopefully it will help (as long as doesn’t cause you any more stress).

    Good luck.

    1. Haha! When I was writing the post, I had the same thought. I will blog about my study as part of my revision. Sorry I may bore you with information security stuff 😋

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