April 2017 Recap

Whoa! April is gone! April is by far my most favourite month of all because it is my birthday month. That’s when I could have more reasons to indulge and enjoy. Plus we get more discounts on everything on birthday month. More reasons for shopping! Although there’s nothing big on my birthday, I always have these mixed feelings. On one hand, I was happy to eat more and to celebrate. On another hand, it’s a reminder that I was getting older. Sigh! Anyway, I had a wonderful time with the husband during my birthday weekend (my birthday fell on Monday which coincidentally was a public holiday). We stayed at a hotel in city centre where I got complimentary stay and we indulged in various food over the weekend.

The husband even bought me some presents while we were supposedly window-shopping. Haha!

Of course, I simply can’t resist such a nice blue coloured bag. I also finally gave in to this music box that I wanted for quite some times. I bought one of Taipei 101 during my trip to Taiwan but I couldn’t find the NY Empire Tower. I knew all along that there’s a local shop that is selling all these music boxes but I couldn’t bring myself to spend too much on this. Since it’s my birthday and the husband was buying, no point to say no, right?


The short semester finally ended, just few days before my birthday. Everything was rushed with the examination started the following week. On that first week of examination, I had to bring some students to participate in a national competition. We had to depart quite early in the morning because the journey to the destination took at least 2 hours. Before the competition day, I had organised practice sessions on almost every Saturday in April. With the examination period in between the competition, I have no idea how they performed. I guess it really doesn’t matter as long as they had try their best.


At the end of semester, the most dreaded routine is grading. Considering much lesser grading load this round due to lesser courses offered. Another reason I was assigned lesser was due to the high amount I did in last 2 long semesters.


Seriously, April passed by in a blink of eye. I don’t feel I have done much reading so I can just forget about writing. I’m still trying to establish a better morning routine since I always arrive at office before 7 a.m. However, there’s always something that got in my way and I simply couldn’t be productive. I hope I will have better progress to report next month. Keep my fingers crossed!


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    1. In my country, this is normally the marketing strategy. Give me some freebie on my birthday to make me purchase more. Since it’s my birthday, I was too happy to just buy. Haha!

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