May 2017 Recap

I didn’t mean to write on this blog with just only recap every month. Unfortunately, that’s what happened since last post. I had no time to share anything with so much to be done wrapping up the third semester, which also meant wrapping up one academic year. New academic year just started end of May, so before that a lot of preparations have to be done. Almost every other day in May, I had to attend meeting after meeting. The only happiest thing that happened in May was I went for short weekend getaway with family to nearby resort.

DSC_4717 It’s not a superb beach resort but I appreciated the valuable time spent with family. It’s our annual family trip and as always it’s kind of fun. Missing this twilight weather!


The resort’s speciality was its water villas. We booked two villas and we had our own small pool for each villa. I love playing in the pool and I spent most of my time relaxing in the pool. The weather was quite good without rain on the first 2 days but it rained a little on the 3rd day. However, it’s actually a good rain because we got to see rainbow. It’s been such long time since I last saw one. Simply beautiful!

Vacation is officially over. I have nothing much to look forward to this year. With two courses in my hand this semester, I have not much time to do anything else. I just wish to manage my time better for more reading and writing.


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