#AcWriMo 2015 Sign up & Accountability Spreadsheet

It’s the month of the year again. Academic Writing Month (AcWriMo) is back and it’s going to be greater than ever. If you don’t know what is AcWriMo yet, don’t worry, just read more here. Basically, AcWriMo is the initiative of PhD2Published with Dr Charlotte Frost at the helm. Every year in November, academics around the world would gather virtually (some even physically) to declare a writing goal for the month and just write “like there’s no December”. If you have read this blog for the past few years, you would have known I was quite active in AcWriMo initiative especially with the Accountability Spreadsheet. Didn’t realize that it has been 4 years until I spoke to Dr Charlotte recently.

Unfortunately, with my new academic role and hectic schedule, I haven’t actually been as active as I would like to be. To be honest, I actually had some new ideas for the Accountability Spreadsheet to improvise it due to overwhelmed demands and problematic maintenance. Sadly, I didn’t even have the time to really work on my ideas. The very good news is Dr Charlotte has even better idea and a great team to come up with this year’s super cool way for everyone to update writing progress efficiently. I’m so in love with this method.

Although I’m no longer the person behind this spreadsheet, let me at least give you a virtual tour on how this new Accountability Spreadsheet works.

  • Next, when you are ready to submit the form for the first time, please click Edit your response to get your personal URL. Please keep this URL safe somewhere because this URL is uniquely for you to come back to it to update your daily progress. (Note: You only need to submit ONCE and use this URL to edit your submission any time you want. Submitting more than once will create duplicate entries in the spreadsheet.)

  • Here is the example of my sign up today on the AcWriMo Accountability Spreadsheet

  • Whenever you are ready to update your daily progress, just go to your URL and you will see your sign up page again. Just click Next page and you will see space for each day.

  • Just input your name or your Twitter handle to quickly see your entry

  • Now, you are very much ready for AcWriMo. All you need to do is write every day to fulfil your daily goal then use your URL to update your daily progress. Visit this Accountability Spreadsheet often to view others’ progress and share your support with each other.
  • If you are active on Twitter, don’t forget to follow this hashtag #AcWriMo and give some ‘virtual cheerleading’ as motivation to each other. As usual, I shall be your #AcWriMo cheerleader on Twitter whenever I can. Or you can always drop me a mention @mystudiouslife for some support too.

Okay, that’s all for now from me. I hope you will find this post useful, especially if you are new to #AcWriMo.

May everyone achieve their AcWriMo goals and have a blast November.

PS: Don’t worry if you don’t achieve what you want, there’s always next month. Haha!


Jenn’s Epic Fail in #AcWriMo 2014

This is really embarrassing! As one of the AcWriMo 2014 ambassadors and initiator for AcWriMo Accountability spreadsheet, I have thoroughly failed this year for achieving my writing goals. Let me reflect on my failure here and see what I could have done better.

First of all, I think I have very unclear writing goal for this year. I have wanted to write up on a paper submission but I wasn’t clear when and where to submit my paper. The only consolation achievement that I managed this month was a 250-word abstract and an A1 sized poster writeup for a competition submission, which I won a silver medal (more about that later!). Then it was the problem with my sudden travelling plan to Switzerland. Although it was really a good opportunity to travel and sort of getting my short vacation (during the semester, which was extremely hard to get), it was really a bad idea for keeping a writing routine. I was rather ambitious to think I could have done some important reading during travel, unfortunately in reality I did none. The iPad I brought along with me to Switzerland was rather untouched during my stay there.

Once I came back, my teaching workload kicked in and I basically had to follow up work for the days I was not here. Then I also realized I have this professional certification exam voucher that is going to expire on 2 December 2014 but I hadn’t even started studying for it. I had only less than 2 weeks when I realized this. Now it’s less than a week but at least I have started preparing for the exam, which I’m going to schedule on next Tuesday. Yes, exactly on 2 December! So imagine my panic and anxiety! I have no time or mood to write at all. Truly my fault on my poor planning.

In a blink of eye, November is coming to an end. I realized I have failed miserably this year for AcWriMo and I really want to write this down as reflection. Since I have some time to write today, I made a declaration on Twitter to write and thanks to Charlotte Frost for keeping me accountable today. Writing this doesn’t tip the scale of my failure to achievement but at least I don’t feel that bad for not achieving anything at all. It’s like trying for a consolation prize today. Another consolation to my failure is although AcWriMo is going to end, there is always AcWri throughout the year. Haha!

PS: My writing has gone rusty so today’s writing exercise on this is a great start. Now back to studying for my exam! I promise I will write more once I’m done with the exam. Anyone want to hold me accountable for that?

AcWri all year round!

First of all, I’m truly sorry that I missed most of AcWriMo due to unforeseen sudden training schedule and increased of workload. I wished I could plan better my November for writing but it’s too late now. What I have learnt was I would never underestimate teaching workload ever again. This workload could really ‘kill me softly’. Haha! I was teaching two different courses nearly at the same time with overlapping semesters. I was struggling with getting acquainted with new process and with the syllabi at the same time. Not an easy task, now I know.

Nevertheless, thank you everyone who had participated in AcWriMo Accountability Spreadsheet. You all are simply awesome with constantly progress update and I’m so happy to see so many achievements recorded in November sheet. If you enjoy AcWriMo, I welcome you to continue using the spreadsheet each month as AcWri will be an all year round event (if I can help it!).

I have just finished marking the final exam scripts for my first ever batch of students who just completed their first year first semester. I have also recently went away for 2-week long training, so you could simply imagine how chaotic my schedule was when I had to put in extra hours for replacement classes once I came back from training. However, I guess all are good for now. I’m catching up with anything overdue and I’m simply happy I have been meeting all due dates so far. Next, I’m preparing next semester’s syllabi (teaching two different courses again) which are something new to me yet I guess learning new things would be fun. Wish me luck!

#AcWriMo Accountability Spreadsheet 2013

Academic Writing Month is back! If you participated last year and you had actually achieved your writing goals during that one short month, I hope you are ready for more this year and are already on-board by signing up in the Academic Writing Accountability Spreadsheet. At this moment, we have over 400 participants who have signed up in the spreadsheet by putting their names, declaring their ultimate and daily writing goals.

If you have already signed up, are you prepared to have an intensive month of writing? If not, it’s okay. It’s not too late to get some preparation. Do read the Storify tweets about our AcWri twitter chat on 16 October 2013 to discuss about our preparation for AcWriMo.

Before we begin AcWriMo tomorrow, I want to share with you some tips in updating the Accountability spreadsheet. As the list of names is getting very long in the spreadsheet, finding your own row to update might be a bit difficult especially if you need to scroll down the long list. Hence, I suggest to you a simple tip to find your row with ease.

On the spreadsheet, click on Edit – Find and Replace.

Just type your name and you will find your row in a second. Do take care not to accidentally replace any thing unwanted or delete other participants’ rows.

I’m very grateful this year to have extra hands to maintain the spreadsheet. Now, we have three different spreadsheet administrators to help sorting the list at least 3 times a day. The AcWriMo Spreadsheet Administrators are Lorry Trujillo Perez (@bead_109), Eljee Javier (@eljeejavier), and I (@mystudiouslife) . Lucky for us the administrators (we are also the AcWriMo Ambassadors), each of us lives on different timezone and we actually can provide you any AcWriMo support for 24 hours a day (with each of us to cover at least 8 hours a day).

Do follow us on Twitter and let us know if you need help on the spreadsheet or just need some ‘cheerleading’ for the day. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #AcWriMo for your tweets so we can always keep in touch. AcWriMo this year will be the most happening event for the academics and you really don’t want to miss this!

May you have a great productive writing month in November 🙂

#AcWri Live Chat (AP) – 16 Oct 2013 – Preparing for #AcWriMo 2013

Good news! Academic Writing Month (AcWriMo) is coming back this November. A lot of preparation has been going on under the leadership of Dr Charlotte Frost and now we have a team of AcWriMoAmbassadors. Of course, I’m one of them. I couldn’t miss all the fun of helping to run AcWriMo now, could I? Although I’ll have more workload in November, I’m still very excited about AcWriMo. It’s definitely will be the biggest and best AcWriMo yet!

In preparation of AcWriMo, there will be an Asia Pacific (AP) #AcWri live chat next Wednesday, 16th October 2013 at 5pm GMT+8 or check the correct time in your time zone here. Our topic for this chat is “Setting your AcWriMo goal(s) and your plan for AcWriMo”. Generally, we will talk everything about AcWriMo and please join us by signing up in the Academic Writing Accountability spreadsheet.

If you are new to Twitter live chat, just follow the hashtag #AcWri during the above mentioned time and contribute your tweet with the same hashtag. If you have any problem, do let me know on Twitter. Do follow us at @acwri_apac for latest AP AcWri chat updates. See you all next Wednesday!

#AcWri Accountability Spreadsheet – Feedback

If you have been using Academic Writing Accountability spreadsheet, I sincerely thank you for your support and I truly hope it has helped you to increase your writing productivity and at the same time get enough support/motivation during your writing journey. I have been hosting this spreadsheet for at least 1.5 years now. Although we don’t have too many participants except for the month of AcWriMo last year, I find that most of the participants who joined the spreadsheet are truly progressing well.  Seeing their daily updates on what they have achieved really make me happy and motivated.

Here I would like to take a bit of your time from your daily writing to give me some feedback about the spreadsheet. It’s a simple survey to find out from you what can be improved on the spreadsheet to help more people to be accountable and (stay) motivated in their academic writing. It doesn’t matter if you are already using the spreadsheet or just started or only now stumble upon it, I welcome your feedback, nonetheless. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

#AcWri Accountabiltiy Spreadsheet – Feedback

I truly hope this spreadsheet idea will continue to help as many people as possible. Let’s work hard together to be more productive in our daily writing and may we all achieve all our writing goals.


#AcWri Live Chat (AP) – 17 Apr 2013

My work life had been a bit crazy recently and it hasn’t even slowed down yet. I will be traveling for work this week and I thought before I leave, it’s best we have another #AcWri chat. I have wanted to chat with you all for some times and I’m really sorry that I couldn’t make time to organize one last month. There are simply so much happenings recently that I found myself hard to breathe. Anyway, I hope you are up to a chat tomorrow, Wednesday 17 April 2013. As usual we will chat for an hour from 8 pm GMT+10 or 6 pm GMT+8. Do check the correct time for your timezone here.

The topic for tomorrow’s chat is “Dealing with distractions”. I hope you don’t mind I picked this topic. I found myself always distracted recently and it’s really counter-productive. Sadly, I didn’t get much writing or reading done recently because I was real distracted with various things. I hope you are doing better than I do but if you are facing similar dilemma, let’s chat and share your thoughts. Hope to hear from you all again tomorrow.

If you have topics for our next upcoming chats, I welcome you to let me know too. Do continue to follow us at @acwri_apac for latest AP AcWri chat updates.