#AcWriMo 2015 Sign up & Accountability Spreadsheet

It's the month of the year again. Academic Writing Month (AcWriMo) is back and it's going to be greater than ever. If you don't know what is AcWriMo yet, don't worry, just read more here. Basically, AcWriMo is the initiative of PhD2Published with Dr Charlotte Frost at the helm. Every year in November, academics around... Continue Reading →


Jenn’s Epic Fail in #AcWriMo 2014

This is really embarrassing! As one of the AcWriMo 2014 ambassadors and initiator for AcWriMo Accountability spreadsheet, I have thoroughly failed this year for achieving my writing goals. Let me reflect on my failure here and see what I could have done better. First of all, I think I have very unclear writing goal for... Continue Reading →

AcWri all year round!

First of all, I'm truly sorry that I missed most of AcWriMo due to unforeseen sudden training schedule and increased of workload. I wished I could plan better my November for writing but it's too late now. What I have learnt was I would never underestimate teaching workload ever again. This workload could really 'kill... Continue Reading →

#AcWriMo Accountability Spreadsheet 2013

Academic Writing Month is back! If you participated last year and you had actually achieved your writing goals during that one short month, I hope you are ready for more this year and are already on-board by signing up in the Academic Writing Accountability Spreadsheet. At this moment, we have over 400 participants who have... Continue Reading →

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