Design of Personal Learning Environment Framework for Learner Autonomy

It has been at least more than 2 years since I have put my master's dissertation aside. I had submitted a paper about my research to a journal and I actually got some feedback. Due to my hectic schedule when I first started my career in academia, I have left my paper behind. One of... Continue Reading →


The Evolution of E-learning

I have recently prepared this presentation but didn't get to present it. It was for the better reason, I guess. Anyway, I think it won't get to waste by my sharing it here. It's a simple presentation about how e-learning has actually evolved with Web 2.0 technology today and how it affects our learning process.... Continue Reading →

Ready for hardcover binding

I submitted my corrected manuscript last Monday and I got message from my supervisor on Friday that the internal examiner's satisfied with my corrections. That's fast! I'm just happy no more corrections are needed. That's blessing enough. I got the official phone call from the faculty yesterday, asking me to collect back my corrected manuscript.... Continue Reading →

Dissertation corrections

I have just sent off my first round of corrections to my supervisor today. It took me exactly 3 weeks to do the corrections, longer than I expected but I did it. Honestly, the process was rather exhausting. I put in more hours daily in doing corrections than I did while writing the dissertation. I... Continue Reading →

Still waiting…

It's nearly 2 months since I submitted my manuscript for examination but I still haven't heard any news. I wish to say 'no news is good news' but eventually I will hear something, right? Either minor correction or major correction or fail totally. Hopefully not the latter two. Am I worried? Of course I am.... Continue Reading →

Jenn’s PLE Conceptual Framework

One of the biggest challenge in concluding the literature review process is to able to come up with a conceptual framework that clearly shows the direction of the research. It took me many months and many iteration to come up with this PLE conceptual framework to encourage learner autonomy. *Those highlighted in grey are the... Continue Reading →

Progress in February

February was the busiest month in all my dissertation journey. I didn't expect that the end would be much hectic than any other time. After attending the writing workshop early of the month, I was trying to complete the revised paper for submission before February ended. As the shortest month of the year, I only... Continue Reading →

I did it!

I outdid myself this time. I completed my revised paper earlier than I expected. The outcome is satisfactory, at least to myself. My supervisor thought the revised paper has a different feel to it now. I totally revamped my data analysis method and presented my findings totally different from my initial paper. I guess it's... Continue Reading →

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