The “Secrets” for surviving PhD…or life in general

I recently attended our 3rd PhD Support Group meeting where this colleague of ours shared her experience and survival tips for completing her PhD. She is in her final year (6th year) and in the midst of writing up her thesis. She started her PhD journey by choosing the "split-site" part-time option because we are... Continue Reading →


Jenn’s PhD Journey – A new beginning

I don't think many can relate to my back story as I came from the industry before joining the academia. My life and working experience has started differently from many scholars who started and finished their PhDs with pure academic working experience. For the past 2 years plus in academia, I have met many very... Continue Reading →

My 5-year plan towards PhD

This is my very rough 5-year plan that I did after talking to the Head of Division and Head of School during my job interviews. This ultimate goal of this plan is to graduate with a PhD. That's one of the important issues we discussed during the interviews. I guess a PhD is inevitable if... Continue Reading →

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