Yeah, hello to all! I guess I'm rather late to wish everyone "Happy 2018". It's already February. How time flies! However, I guess I'm still not late to wish whoever celebrating Chinese New Year, "Happy Dog Year 2018". Haha! It's the end of another semester, hence I'm finally taking my time to update this blog.... Continue Reading →


Last post for 2017

Many months have passed since my last recap for June and July. Just when I thought we reached half year point during that time, it's already end of the year now. Many events had happened in these few months, especially in September. I actually had trouble putting my thoughts down when I was in grief.... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas & Happy 2017

The year is coming to its end. Today is Christmas eve so I'm taking this opportunity to wish everyone who read (or stumble upon) this blog, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May the year 2017 brings you more happiness, better health, and greatness in your academic works. As I continue to explore the academic... Continue Reading →

It’s September?

I bet this post title is a bit too familiar. I can't believe it's already September and I have totally missed August. Semester has officially ended, hence I'm back to this blog. I'm also trying something new, hence the appearance of this post. I'm trying out another new wireless keyboard and I would say this... Continue Reading →

New Theme for 2016

I think I really enjoy browsing WordPress themes and it's best to finally find one that I like. Of course, it must be blue. Haha! So how do you like my new theme? I think it's just perfect for now. I can choose whatever blue I want and the pattern looks so cheerful. That makes... Continue Reading →

What a teacher can’t do

I know many people have this mentality that a teacher can do a lot of things. A teacher can teach, of course! (but not all teachers are good teachers). A teacher can motivate and inspire. A teacher can guide and advise. Basically, a teacher is so important in building the new generation. I actually get... Continue Reading →

A simple blue update

Today is a public holiday for us here in Malaysia so I decided to switch on this Macbook at home and penned down some thoughts. Since my last post, I hadn't have chance to properly update this blog and I felt truly bad about it. Okay, not many actually view my blog here but I... Continue Reading →

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