Literature Review Process with Mendeley and Synthesis Matrix

When I decided to work in academia, I knew I would have to eventually restart my literature review to continue or extend my previous research in preparation for a PhD. I didn't get around to really get back to my reading and writing habit as I just started to get myself acquainted with new lectureship... Continue Reading →


Organize your literature review notes in a matrix

I have wanted to make sure I got this link in my blog for future reference, so I have actually copied the link in my draft and nearly forgot about it. My bad! It's an awesome practical example on how to use the matrix to organize your notes shared by the famous Thesis Whisperer. I'm... Continue Reading →

LR: Don’t forget your focus

I believe many are simply afraid of the mention of 'literature review'. I used to be one, literally wanted to hide myself under a blanket and hoped the literature review (LR) would either write itself or just go away. In reality, none of these would ever happen, unfortunately. If I don't start reading and trying... Continue Reading →

Literature review process

I spent my last Sunday working on the desk at home, facing my Sony Vaio for more than 8 hours. I was cleaning up my paper clutter when I saw this handouts from one of the workshops I attended earlier this year. It was a Doctoral Research Methodology Workshop conducted by Dr Edward Wong. It... Continue Reading →

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