UM Convocation 2012

The convocation 2012 for University Malaya (UM) is from 1 - 6 Oct 2012. The convocation for my faculty is scheduled on 2 Oct 2012, afternoon session. It's only my 2nd convocation in my life so far but I have noticed a big difference between UM convocation and my college's last time. For one, the... Continue Reading →


The Final Milestones

When I finished writing chapter 4 and 5 and show them to the supervisor, she advised me to submit the 3-month notice form to initiate the submission process. At that time, I was thinking the time was near. I would definitely submit everything within that 3 months or even earlier. I was thinking I could... Continue Reading →

Examiner’s Recommendation Guidelines

I had always wondered how a dissertation is evaluated, based on what set of criteria. It's common to hear from peers and supervisors that the best we could hope for our dissertations is getting a pass with minor corrections. After getting mine, I went further to search for some guidelines, maybe a bit too late... Continue Reading →


One of the most important requirements before the submission was the Turnitin report. I've heard about it numerous times but had never accessed it before until the day before submission for examination. I'm not sure how accurate Turnitin is but I know my university has put it as great importance to prevent plagiarism for our... Continue Reading →

The day had finally come. I spent more than 4 hours on Wednesday to do some final touch up on all my chapters. Then, I printed and sorted them into nice stacks where my hubby helped me in binding them into copies for submission. Here were the final 4 copies for submission. Each with around... Continue Reading →

Confirmation of title

I recently picked up an official letter from my faculty. Apparently the letter is about the confirmation of my dissertation's title after being approved by the committee during a meeting recently. It's part of my 3-month notice submission process. My official dissertation's title is "Design and Development of Personal Learning Environment to Encourage Learner Autonomy".... Continue Reading →

Quick tips on writing journal

Here are some quick tips that I've learned from last month WoS Journal Writing Workshop: 1) Timing is everything! According to the professor, if we want to publish your article this year, we should have submitted the article at least a year or so before. She was being very frank to say that all our... Continue Reading →

Importance of 3 months notice before submission

Dear Postgraduate Research Students, The Importance of ‘Three Months Notice Before Submission’   Greetings from the Institute for Graduate Students, University of Malaya! Welcome to the second semester of session 2011/2012. I hope everything is fine with your postgraduate studies and you are progressing well in your research. I would like to remind research students to... Continue Reading →

WoS Journal Writing Workshop

Some three weeks ago, I received a surprise call from my supervisor. The first thing I thought was "Am I in big trouble?" because she had never called me before. Lucky I was not in any trouble as it turned out she just wanted to invite me to a writing workshop organized by the faculty's... Continue Reading →

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