ScienceDirect – Import to Mendeley

I attended a workshop on optimizing the use of ScienceDirect some times ago because our university has subscribed to many journals from ScienceDirect. Being a teaching oriented institution for so many years, moving toward research oriented will take some times, especially for us, the academics who have heavy teaching loads each semester. During the workshop,... Continue Reading →


A preview to Mendeley on Android

I guess this post is long overdue. Mendeley for Android has been out since mid of June yet I hope I'm not too late to make another shout out to all who have been waiting for this release. I was one of those who had been waiting for this release and I'm so honored to... Continue Reading →

Mendeley for Android in June

I have to admit that I haven't been active lately in using Mendeley. It has been my saviour for my Master's dissertation but since I finished it, Mendeley has taken a back seat in my life. However, I have not forgotten about Mendeley at all. I have been following its news closely and when I... Continue Reading →

The New Mendeley iOS

I couldn't be happier to share this wonderful news. Mendeley has finally announced the new and much improved version of Mendeley for iOS (iPad and iPhone). When I read about Mendeley's announcement, I was so excited that I didn't even finish reading the whole post about their new features, but I went straight to Apple... Continue Reading →

Mendeley Tip: Backup local database

I have recently installed and tested the Mendeley Desktop 1.7 Preview. Before I installed this version, there's an instruction asking me to backup my local database, just in case I guess. I have always known there's a function for backup and restore but I had never tried it before. I could say I believe so... Continue Reading →

Mendeley Newsfeed Chrome Extension

If you are both Google Chrome and Mendeley user, I bet you'd love this¬†Mendeley Newsfeed Chrome Extension. It's not the official extension from Mendeley but it's really useful if you are always on to your newsfeed in Mendeley dashboard. Just log-in once to Mendeley , the extension will show any new update on the newsfeed... Continue Reading →

Mendeley Tip: Notes and Annotations

One of the best features I love about Mendeley is the notes and annotations. As a supporter for paper-less research, I don't print out journal articles for reading since I started the dissertation journey or rather since I found Mendeley. Thanks to Mendeley, my paper-less journey has been such a bliss. So, if I have... Continue Reading →

Mendeley v1.3 – Mendeley Suggest

(UPDATE: Sorry for my excitement over Mendeley Suggest that I didn't realize earlier that it's still in beta testing phase that is currently available to Mendeley staff and advisors. Don't worry, I've been told that Mendeley Suggest is coming soon to all as 30-day free trial. So stay tuned!) To all Mendeley users, have you... Continue Reading →

My paper-less research

From my own experience, I would like to share my effort on going paper-less in my research so far. I'm emphasizing on paper-less and not paperless, the difference is between lesser and none. I won't lie to anyone or even believe whoever claim they can live without ¬†paper in their lives. Even with the latest... Continue Reading →

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