The 5 Choices for Extraordinary Productivity

After holding this book The 5 Choices for more than 2 years, I have finally finished reading it early this year. What took me so long? Not productive enough? Not really. I guess it's due to I practice each choice once I finished reading it. My own experiment with implementing these choices and trying to... Continue Reading →


Exploring OneNote for Extraordinary Productivity

I'm happy to be back to office from my Chinese New Year break. I have to admit that I had been living a 'pig' life during this break where I only ate, slept, and watched TV every day. Anyway, I'm happy to have time to sit here and update a post. Today I wish to... Continue Reading →

Thinking is hard and it is slow

I couldn't recall how I got to know about this book but I'm so amazed with it that I bought one from the bookstore many years ago. It's one of my precious possessions. I actually started reading a few chapters quite some times ago and I forgot about it until today when I visited a... Continue Reading →

The 5 Choices: Act on the Important

This post is to follow up on my previous post Extraordinary Productivity where I introduced this awesome book called The 5 Choices. My reading on this book is slow because I only read on and off. When I finished one or two chapters, I started trying to apply what the book recommends. So here's a summary... Continue Reading →

Be a fitter academic

It's now Week 7 of the 14-week long semester. I can finally breathe and take a break to write because I have settled the final examination papers and midterm papers. I know work is actually endless so this breather is just temporary. Anyway, I'm simply happy to have time to write something. Today I would... Continue Reading →

Writing at home on my day off

I actually took 3 days leave from work since Monday. It's the semester break and it's the only time I can officially apply leave. I'm not sure about other academics in other universities but for me, applying leave is one of the hardest thing to do in my university. Unfortunately, taking day off to really... Continue Reading →

Extraordinary Productivity

This post was seated in my draft since early March when I came across this great Chronicle's article about being Extraordinary Productive. What really caught my attention was the word productivity ( also said extraordinary) as I have become quite obsessed trying to be more productive. Needless to say, I'm not always successful so I'm... Continue Reading →

Go ahead and take a step

I came in to campus today at 8 am, thinking to start on my tasks earlier. At the end, I used more than one hour to clear my Feedly reading list and now I'm writing this post to clear my mind. I have been a bit stressful lately. One would think that after a year... Continue Reading →

How to be happier in learning

While I'm still on training this week and still have the mood to write, let me share about my way of learning. I guess we all would agree that how we learn makes a big difference in our learning experience. I find that getting into a particular learning process that you are comfortable with, would... Continue Reading →

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