Keep calm and just write

I know I haven't been writing much here and I feel so bad every time I visit my own blog. Seeing that my blog's stats still continue to increase makes me feel even more guilty for not sharing any new or interesting topics. To be honest, I really have a lot to share, especially after... Continue Reading →


Make it works

It's not always a good day but when it is, I feel so energetic and motivated to do a lot more. Although I may only work on tasks that are not considered writing, it's still required tasks for whatever I want to achieve. Crossing out tasks from my list does always make me feel good.... Continue Reading →

#FollowFriday #2

I have wanted to write this second #FF months ago but never get to it. I sincerely share this #FF today because these people are great inspiration to my #Acwri (academic writing). I hope you will follow them (if you haven't already) and find great inspiration as well in your writing. @ThomsonPat - Dr Pat... Continue Reading →

Inspiration: The writing environment

The one thing I'd love to have when I was writing my dissertation was a comfortable writing environment. Imagine the number of hours one spends during the writing process, getting comfortable will definitely inspire the writing process and eventually improve one's productivity. I came across this photo in my Pinterest and it's become my inspiration of... Continue Reading →

Importance of 3 months notice before submission

Dear Postgraduate Research Students, The Importance of ‘Three Months Notice Before Submission’   Greetings from the Institute for Graduate Students, University of Malaya! Welcome to the second semester of session 2011/2012. I hope everything is fine with your postgraduate studies and you are progressing well in your research. I would like to remind research students to... Continue Reading →


I read recently that gratification is very important especially to those who have been or will be in this dissertation journey for a period of time. Apparently, procrastination only arises when you don't get appropriate gratification. No point in working so hard to achieve some milestones where you don't get the just reward that you... Continue Reading →

Persistence is essential

I have never understood persistence... not until I started my dissertation journey. If you have only just started off, all I can tell you now is you have to have persistence for the year(s) to come. Writing the dissertation is a 'long' journey, depending on how fast you can complete it. For me, it has... Continue Reading →

The Single System for Academic Writing

I believe it's my luck to chance reading a book review about Demystifying Dissertation Writing by Peg B. Single before I complete my dissertation. I count my blessing to have found the book and read it to help me progressing recently. I'm not reviewing the book because you can read the review by clicking the... Continue Reading →

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