How literature review matrix works for me

When I decided to make the literature review (LR) or synthesis matrix during the LR process, I didn't expect how this matrix would help me in writing the LR until the day I was working on my paper for submission during the writing workshop. My supervisor thought I needed more references in that paper and... Continue Reading →


Jenn’s PLE Conceptual Framework

One of the biggest challenge in concluding the literature review process is to able to come up with a conceptual framework that clearly shows the direction of the research. It took me many months and many iteration to come up with this PLE conceptual framework to encourage learner autonomy. *Those highlighted in grey are the... Continue Reading →

Studious Network

Following the design and development of PLE, the web portal - Studious Network that is part of the dissertation has gone to the next level. Studious Network has a new domain name: I found affordable local web hosting service and they have quite attractive package for student. I signed up with them and paid for... Continue Reading →

Design and development of PLE

I'm now at the stage of implementing my development to test out my research ideas. Many have wondered what is actually a Personal Learning Environment (PLE)? How does a PLE look like? A system that is unique for individual? I have the same wonder for myself and these questions have been in my thought very... Continue Reading →

Rationales and challenges of PLE

When I was reading for literature review on the topic of PLE, I was focusing on its definition, purposes, rationales, and challenges. Here are my write-up on the rationales and challenges of PLE, which I think it's important for us to understand why PLE and how to make PLE a success: The rapid growth of... Continue Reading →

Jenn’s Studious Tools

Word cloud created at Wordle My research on PLE has exposed me to explore on many great Web 2.0 tools out there. Above are some of my essential studious tools that have helped me a lot along the way. Probably I can't live without them now. 1) Mendeley - This has become my number 1... Continue Reading →

What’s PLE?

My research interest in PLE has been greatly influenced by some key papers that I have read during the initial stage of my research. I especially love the work of Mcloughlin & Lee (2010), Drexler (2010) and Attwell  (2007). Their works have given me inspiration to find out more about PLE. After reading more papers on PLE during my... Continue Reading →

My learning setting

I have never really tried doing my research at the comfort of my bed. Seriously, it's just too comfy to do any work. But I really have no time to do the work any where else, so I have to force myself to do some work (at least) at home. Here is how I did... Continue Reading →

Jenn’s PLE

If you are not aware, let me talk a little about my research. My research is about designing/developing Personal Learning Environment (PLE) for Higher Education. Obviously, I'm very interested to know how actually a person (especially in higher ed) learns and how this person uses technology in learning. I'm particularly concerned about what criteria is... Continue Reading →

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