Exploring OneNote for Extraordinary Productivity

I'm happy to be back to office from my Chinese New Year break. I have to admit that I had been living a 'pig' life during this break where I only ate, slept, and watched TV every day. Anyway, I'm happy to have time to sit here and update a post. Today I wish to... Continue Reading →


Google Keep

I didn't realise how much I have missed writing and sharing about new useful apps until I'm writing this post. Today I want to introduce to you Google Keep, if you haven't already use or heard of it yet. This is my screen capture from my Android phone. Unfortunately, Google Keep is only available for... Continue Reading →

Open for communication

One of my personal goals as an academic is to maintain open communication with my students, both during and after classes. In our Asian learning style, our students don't usually like to openly ask questions or even communicate with the lecturers. They simply like to sit in the classroom, listen (or half listening) to the... Continue Reading →

Saving tweets to Evernote

I always discover new cool stuff from my Twitter followings (other than my RSS feeds) and sometimes I wish I can save awesome tweets for keepsake so I can get back to those awesome links later. Unfortunately, Twitter is a good place for conversation but not so cool for saving them permanently. ┬áIf you are... Continue Reading →


As always, I like to try out different web applications, especially applications that enable writing or note-taking and can be accessible across multiple platforms. I was reading an article from LifeHacker and found this Simplenote. For some people who love simplistic interface, Simplenote is the right application for writing. Its interface is clean and sleek... Continue Reading →

Do leave me some feedback

Do you know that WordPress has come up with cool form feature that you can incorporate into blog post or as blog page? It's a cool new way to get instant feedback or data collection for simple research. After reading about WordPress Forms, I have created a Feedback form on this blog. It's just a... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Google Reader

Google Reader had been my reading outlet for as long as I could remember. Since Google announced the end of life for Google Reader, I believe many were in disbelief (I did!) and probably a bit panicky, thinking about the amount of RSS subscriptions (blogs links) in the Google reader that we have as part... Continue Reading →

TweetDeck – Chrome Extension

Let's assume we are all Twitter addicts and we are always on the Twitter's feeds to view conversations from the people we follow. Sometimes we also want to follow certain hashtags to get the latest information about some topics. If you have been using the Twitter webpage for all these viewings, you would agree that... Continue Reading →

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